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Creative Ways to Use Alexa Voice Commands

Smart speakers such as Amazon Alexa devices or the Google Assistant range can provide limitless assistance in your daily life. See if you’ve tried setting up your voice commands to do any of the following creative ideas!


The basics

However, if you’re new to voice controls then it’s important to know the basic time-saving uses for smart speakers. By using a trigger word such as “Alexa”, your speaker can set reminders, play music, and answer questions. It can be fairly simple actions, but you can also get creative with it. You can ask anything that your imagination can think of, or play something entertaining for other people, the choice is yours!

Boost your trivia knowledge

You can use Alexa to learn a variety of fascinating things on a whim. For instance, it can tell you random film facts, sports trivia, or provide thoughtful answers to broad commands (E.g. “Alexa, tell me about Mars”). All of this can be used as a unique way to up your knowledge for the next quiz night.


Set up health and lifestyle goals

Reminders don’t just have to be for chores or daily plans, voice command speakers can also be used to encourage a healthy lifestyle. Have Alexa remind you to meditate at a certain point in the day, or tell you to eat more vegetables, or push you to do your daily exercises. Similar to Using Smart Plugs to get Healthier, whatever it is you’re looking to change in your daily routine can be helped with voice-assistance devices!


Amazon Story Time

For those with young children, sometimes you may not have the energy to read ‘just one more’ bedtime story. Thus, with Alexa, you can access Amazon Story Time with voice commands and pick a story from their selection. It’s a unique feature that is incredibly helpful on particularly tiring days.


Create an Alexa Thermostat

Wiser’s Smart Thermostats are compatible with both Amazon and Google smart speakers. This means that you can control your smart heating system using voice commands, and create your own Alexa Thermostat! By simply connecting the devices, you can adjust Room-to-Room Temperatures, just by asking your smart speaker, giving you even more comfort and convenience. 

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