Room-to-Room Heating with Wiser Multi-zone Kits

You control your lights switch-to-switch, you control your water tap-to-tap, so why don't you control your heating room-to-room? Wiser allows you to do just that with our multi-zone heating control systems.

Control Your Heating Room-To-Room

With Radiator Thermostats

Wiser allows room-to-room heating control via radiator thermostats. This means baby can be at the perfect temperature in the nursery, Mum can stay snug in her annex, and you can be comfortable when working from home. Watch the video below to learn more about how multi-zone heating can make your home smarter.

Easier, Better, Safer with Multi-zone Control

Keep baby safe

The Lullaby Trust recommends a baby’s room temperature should be between 16°C and 20°C, this is not only essential for their comfort, but also their safety. The chance of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) is higher in babies who get too hot, so regulating their room temperature is vital.

With Wiser’s multi-zone capabilities and individual room heating control, you can maintain a safe temperature in your baby’s room while keeping the rest of your family comfortable. Set the room to 18°C and rest assured your baby will be safe and sound.

Keep a cool head

Working from home is increasingly popular due to its benefits for both companies and employees, so it’s important to consider the effect on your home heating. Research shows improved productivity when working at a comfortable temperature, but avoiding rocketing heating bills is the challenge.

Wiser provides complete control of your heating and bills, so set a room-by-room schedule to suit your lifestyle; heat only the office in the morning, set the kitchen to warm-up by lunch, then get the whole house warm for when everyone else returns home.

Keep The Family Cosy

As we age we respond differently to the cold, so it’s important to remember that your family may have different heating needs. For extended families living together it can be tricky to keep everyone comfortable, but Wiser makes it simple with multi-zone heating controls.

Whether in main house or an annex, ensure everyone is safe and happy by setting personalised temperatures and schedules for each area of the house. What’s more, you can install Wiser in a separate house but still care for elderly relatives by checking and controlling temperatures via the Wiser Heat app – from anywhere in the world!

Multi-zone Kits

To get you started with multi-zone control, these Wiser kits include two smart radiator thermostats, then just add more when you're ready!

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