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How to Control Your Smart Home Without Your Voice

Turning your home into a technologically advanced space that you can control remotely or via voice control has become very popular. The possibilities are endless, from adding eggs to your shopping list as soon as you remember to turning on the bedroom heating while you’re getting the kids ready for bed.

While voice commands are a very convenient way of controlling smart home devices, some people just don’t feel comfortable using voice control to manage their smart home devices. Whether it’s because of privacy concerns or you just don’t want to shout out into thin air, there are other ways of controlling your smart home devices without using voice control.

Use A Smart Home App

You can use a smart home app if you don’t want to use smart home voice search on your smart home devices. Most smart home devices come with an app you can download to simply control your home by tapping on your screen from wherever you are.

Home Assistant is a great option for integrating all your smart home devices into one central app, allowing you to control your home from your phone or smartwatch.

Use A Remote Control

A remote control is an excellent option if you want to go down a more traditional route rather than using voice control for your smart devices. Many smart home devices come with remote control, and you can also purchase universal remote controls that you can program to work with multiple devices across your home.

Use Motion Sensors

This option brings a touch of the future to your home without relying on voice commands. You can install motion sensors in your home that kick off specific tasks from your smart home devices when triggered.

Think lights that switch on when you walk by – a real runway moment right within your home!


You can also use schedules with your smart home devices instead of voice control to run your home around your daily routine. Many smart home devices allow you to set up schedules to turn your devices on and off at a designated time without using voice control. Using technology like Wiser’s smart plug, you can turn almost any device into a smart device, which you can also control through Wiser’s home app.

You can use scheduling to control a range of smart home devices, from switching your heating off while you’re at the office to turning the outside porch light on before you get home.

If you’re ready to stop yelling at various voice assistants and want to make the most out of your smart home devices and even your heating with scheduling and apps, learn more about our Wiser smart home solutions here.