Smart Heating Controls

Smart heating controls is a broad term referring to smart thermostats, smart radiator thermostats, Smart Boiler Systems, heating apps and more. 

What are smart heating controls?

Smart heating controls refers the growing list of internet-connected technology used to control heating, this includes smart thermostats, smart radiator thermostats, phone heating apps and more, enabling you to control your heating with the greatest ease and efficiency. 

Stuck on the train and want to delay the start of your evening heating schedule? Smart heating controls are linked to apps on your smart phone, therefore allowing you to control your heating schedule from the palm of your hand.

Whether you want to set up a schedule for a couple of days or a schedule for whilst you’re on holiday, or even to heat each rooms to different temperatures, smart heating controls like Wiser are the ideal solution.

Why choose smart heating controls?

Smart heating controls offer incredible control over your heating, resulting in extra comfort throughout your home all year round. Set heating schedules to fit in with your life, when you wake up, when you leave your home, and when you’re coming back from work. These types of controls enable your home to be heated just the way you want at all times. 

By using smart heating controls, you can heat your home much more efficiently, saving energy and reducing your heating bills year on year. Who doesn’t like a saving!? 

Here at Wiser, we have a range of smart heating control kits to suit you, from room thermostat only kits to multi-zone kits with smart radiator thermostats included, providing room by room heating control. No matter what your heating needs, Wiser has the perfect kit for you. And if you want to make your home even smarter, check out our smart plugs which integrate with the Wiser app, Alexa and the Google Assistant!

Not too sure on which Wiser heating controls suit your needs best? Try our product selector to find the ideal smart heating control kit for you.