Wiser Smart Boiler Control Systems​​​​​​​

Smart boiler controls are designed to heat your home for everyone’s convenience and comfort. However, many people are still unsure about how to use their smart heating system efficiently to reduce energy costs whilst also meeting household needs.

Wiser’s wireless room thermostats work as an integral part of your smart boiler control system. It gives you total control of your smart heating and the ability to personalise it to suit your lifestyle. Want to schedule heating or hot water for certain times of the day and set temperatures for different rooms? It can all be done via a combination of your Smart Thermostats and the Wiser App!

Boiler Types

Smart boiler control systems from Wiser have been developed to suit Different Boiler Types. Combi boilers (where there’s no separate water tank and hot water is available on demand) require a 1-channel kit. Meanwhile, conventional boilers (with a separate water tank) will need a 2-channel kit, one for the hot water and another for the central heating.

The Wiser Multi-Zone Kit 1 is the ideal multi-zone solution for combi boilers. They can be used to control both your smart thermostats and radiator thermostats via the Wiser app. Hot water will continue to be available on demand.

The Wiser Multi-Zone Kit 2 is suitable for conventional boilers. It provides multi-zone heating control via the smart thermostats and radiator thermostats as well as separate hot water control in the Wiser app.

Clever Features of our Smart Boiler Control Systems 

The focus of Wiser is simplicity and our smart boiler control systems couldn’t be easier to install:

  • Unclip your old controller from the standard UK wall plate and clip on the Wiser controller
  • Screw the Smart Radiator Thermostats onto the radiator valves where you have existing Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs)
  • Download the Wiser app and follow the instructions to connect your hub and add your devices
  • Remember, if you need any help you can always Find a Local Installer Here

And with this you have the ability to:

Wiser’s smart thermostats and boiler control systems give you the flexibility to easily control the heating and comfort of your home. For more information, you can read Our Guide to Smart Boiler Controls Here.