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A Guide to Smart Boiler Controls

Smart boiler controls make programming your central heating much simpler, whilst also reducing energy wastage and lowering household bills. However, there are many types of boiler controls and some confusion exists over how they work, and what boilers they work with efficiently. So, here’s our guide on smart boiler controls.


What are smart boiler controls? 

Standard controls often provide a home with basic functions over their boilers, such as activation and timer settings. Smart boiler controls build on this immensely, offering accurate and easy to set up heating schedules via a heating app. With Wiser’s boiler controls, any changes made in app are carried out by remote thermostats and the smart TRVs. Adjustments can also be made manually for total flexibility.


The types of boilers that can use smart controls

The type of boiler a household has will affect what smart heating controls you’ll require. The two main boiler types are:

  • Combi – short for combination, this type of boiler system doesn’t feature a separate water tank and has hot water available on demand, so a 1-channel controller is suitable.

  • Conventional – this system has a separate water tank, so a 2 or 3-channel controller is required for this boiler system.

Wiser provides smart boiler controls for both of these systems with our easy-to-install Wiser kits. Discover which of these kits you’ll need in seconds easy online with our product selector.


How to achieve maximum efficiency from your smart boiler system

One of the easiest ways to ensure your boiler operates efficiently is to look at your smart thermostats. These detect and monitor room temperature, so positioning them away from the boiler, radiators, draughty areas and other electronic devices, and providing them with a free flow of air is essential to their accuracy and minimising energy wastage.

Enable the smart modes to let Wiser learn about your home, and it’ll maintain your comfort without the boiler being on longer than needed. Use geofencing via IFTTT to automate your heating depending on who’s home and when, and adjust your heating schedules at any time; Wiser’s helps you see where you can save more energy.By using all these tips you’ll maximise your home’s heating efficiency with the help of smart boiler controls. You can find more information on smart boiler controls here, or check our support page for help and advice.