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Home Upgrades, Paid for by Smart Heating

Cutting the Cost of Heating is a priority for many households, especially as we navigate the current Cost of Living Crisis. Thankfully, with a Wiser smart heating system, you could make energy savings of up to £450 per year. So, energy-efficient Smart Thermostats can dramatically reduce your bills, but why stop there? Here are 8 affordable, green home upgrades that you could pay for with those annual savings.


1. LED Light Bulbs

You could swap your home’s standard bulbs for energy-efficient LED bulbs for just a fraction of your savings with a smart heating system. They’re available for as little as £2 each and have projected life of 50,000 hours (compared to only 1,200 for incandescent bulbs).


2. Green Technology

Whilst this covers a wide range of products, there are numerous reasonably priced Green Smart Home Upgrades. From free apps that help you manage your home’s water or energy-use, such as the Wiser App, to solar-powered charging stations, there’s plenty of new and exciting eco-friendly technology that you could purchase.


3. Smart Plugs

Speaking of which, another example of an affordable green device is the Smart Plug. They deserve their own mention because they can turn other electrical appliances in your home into smart devices. Additionally, you can monitor the energy usage of whatever you plug into it, so you can reduce wastage from your appliances.


4. Insulation

Loft insulation costs between £5 to £11 per square meter, meaning you could potentially insulate a small attic for less than the energy savings you could make from a smart heating system. An insulated loft can subsequently cut the cost of heating by over £200 per year.


5. Caulking

A cheaper way to improve insulation would be to caulk the gaps and cracks in your exterior walls. Caulking guns are readily available online and will reduce the likelihood of heat escaping from your home.


6. A New Showerhead

With prices starting at just over £10, eco shower heads can help you Save Water and boost the pressure in your shower. What better way to treat yourself with your smart heating energy savings than to reduce your water consumption as well!


7. Washing Lines

Staying on the theme of hygiene, you can buy an outdoor washing line for between £15 to £30. This will reduce your dependence on the dryer, especially in the summer, which can lower both your energy and water usage. 


8. Ceiling Fan Installation

Finally, another summer upgrade that you could make is to install a ceiling fan. Typically priced at just over £100, they’ll keep your home cooler whilst using less energy than an AC system. Meanwhile, in the winter they can reduce your central heating usage by circulating the heated air in your home more effectively.

Energy Savings with Wiser Smart Heating

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