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Are You Making the Most of the Wiser Modes? The Smart Heating Features Explained


Whether you’re looking to maximise the efficiency of your heating system or keep your heating ticking over whilst away from home, smart heating features of the Wiser App are key. They're designed with simplicity in mind, for full control of your heating from your phone, which is essential at a time when our Smart Homes are constantly evolving, and the ways we interact with our heating is always changing.

Eco Mode

This innovative smart heating feature will learn about the characteristics of your home over time, getting to know how quickly your home cools after heating.

When combined with the outside ambient temperature, Wiser tailors the times at which it will turn the heating off, saving you money and energy.

To let Eco Mode start learning how to maximise your home heating efficiency, enable Eco Mode in the Settings menu by tapping the toggle and Wiser will do the rest.





Comfort Mode

Comfort Mode uses a clever algorithm to turn on the heating at an appropriate time for each zone when the system is in Auto mode.

This ensures that the desired setpoint temperature is reached by the time the scheduled heating period starts, instead of the conventional program that will only start heating your home from the scheduled start time.

If you have our smart radiator thermostats in your Wiser system, Comfort Mode will function with the schedules set for each room in your multi-zone heating system individually.

For a more comfortable temperature across your zonal heating system exactly when you want it, look for Comfort Mode in the Settings menu and tap the toggle to enable.


Away Mode

You don’t like to have your heating on unnecessarily whilst you’re away, but neither do you want to turn the heating off completely or have the inconvenience of changing your schedules. The answer is Away Mode.

This smart heating feature is a simple and easy way to maintain a lower ambient temperature of your choice across all rooms whilst away from home, safe in the knowledge that Wiser is maintaining a minimum temperature as well as saving you money and energy.

Configure your Away Mode setpoint in the Settings menu then enable via the Home Screen toggle. If you’ve added a smart plug to your Wiser system, you can also configure whether this  is set to ON or OFF when you activate the Away Mode.

For ultimate smart home convenience and bragging rights among tech-heads, you can even activate Away Mode using IFTTT, which uses geofencing to turn on Away Mode whenever you or the last member of your household has left, instantly reducing your setpoint temperatures and turning off devices controlled by smart plugs, saving you both time and money.


Remember, make sure your Wiser Heat app is updated to the latest version 3.0 to benefit from all of these great smart heating features. Learn more about the Wiser App, how to build a smart home with smart heating, and where you can buy Wiser today!