Control your heating from your phone with the Wiser Heat App.

By having complete control over your heating, you can keep your heating bill as low as possible. Whether you’re at home, at work or even on holiday, with the Wiser Heat App, you’ll be able to control your heating from your phone.

How to control your heating from your phone

Like most, you may be wondering what all the fuss is about… it's just a thermostat, right? Well, there’s more.


Controlling your heating from your phone is a vital function if you want full control of the energy usage in your home. Upgrading to a smart thermostat improves your home heating efficiency and in the long run, the benefits are endless.


Through the Wiser Heat App, controlling your heating from your phone couldn’t be easier; providing you have an internet connection you can make instant changes to your heating controls. At any time, regardless of where you are you can control the following:

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Have you ever been caught out by a sudden drop in temperature? Fortunately, with the Wiser Heat App, from wherever you are in the world, you can boost the temperature of your home, ready for when you return.

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Smart Modes


Eco Mode

With Eco Mode enabled, your smart thermostat learns about your home’s thermal properties including how long it takes specific rooms to warm up. Combine this with live weather data and your smart thermostat calculates the most economical way to heat your home whilst maintaining maximum efficiency. Wiser’s Eco Mode has been meticulously designed to help you dramatically reduce wasted energy, saving you money on your energy bills.


Comfort Mode

Wiser, in conjunction with a clever algorithm, calculates the best time to turn your heating on based on your home’s thermal properties. This ensures that rooms in your home have reached required temperatures by the scheduled start time. You can enable both Eco and Comfort Mode simultaneously to reap all of the benefits.


Away Mode

Away on holiday or unexpected stay over? Flip your Wiser smart heating system into Away Mode to instantly reduce all set points in your home and save energy. For additional benefits, link your Wiser smart thermostat with IFTTT to activate Away mode when your household is empty.

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Schedule Changes

What happens if the temperature drops dramatically while you’re on holiday? Or when you need to work late to prepare for an important meeting? Not a problem. Your Wiser Heat App allows you to set schedules and make quick changes from anywhere in the world to help you prevent wasted energy, and the best part is the changes are instant!

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Multi-Zone Control

Multizone Control allows you to control the temperature of different rooms in your house separately. This can allow you to set the temperature in your nursery between 16°c and 20°c to keep your little one at a safe temperature as they sleep, whilst your living space is set to a warmer temperature for a cosy night in. You could also utilise this feature by setting your spare room at a lower temperature while not in use to save money.

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If This Then That (IFTTT)

IFTTT allows you to link up your wireless thermostats to different smart devices to give you even greater control of your heating. In a matter of minutes, you can pull apps together and create personalised rules based on specific actions.

How controlling your heating from your phone will benefit you

Having more control over your heating controls lets you run your home heating system more efficiently, ensuring that you waste as little energy as possible. As an example, boosting the heating each day as you walk in the door results in a huge amount of waste and higher energy bills.


If you could control your heating with your phone, you could adjust schedules instantly and heat your home efficiently. Staying late at the office? In a couple of tap of the app you can switch to manual mode to delay your heating, then switch back to your automatic schedules when you’re on your way home, for a warm welcome back home.


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