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At Wiser we listen to your feedback to make your Wiser smart home heating experience easier, better, smarter.

Current app version: 6.10.0

Last updated: 16th May 2024

Wiser Device Firmware Information

As of 16th May 2024:

HubR (UK): 3.18.3

Room Thermostat: 0.42.2

Room Thermostat (Gen2): 0.60.3

Radiator Thermostat: 0.62.0

Underfloor Heating Controller: 0.32.2

Electrical Heat Switch: 1.8.0

Smart Plug: 0.0.34

10th April 2024 | App update version 6.9.0

We're pleased to introduce two great new features to the Wiser Home app:

Dark Mode

The new Dark Mode has several benefits, from reducing eye strain to reducing your phone's battery use. We're pleased to introduce Dark Mode to enhance your experience of the Wiser Home app.

Signal Strength Indicators

Now you can view signal strength for every device in your system, just go to the Settings menu and tap Devices.

Want to know what to do if a device has low or no signal? Read our blog for help.

When will my app and system update?

If your app is set to automatically update, just sit back and your device will automatically update within the next 24 hours. Otherwise, simply download Wiser Home from your app store. 

For firmware updates, your system will automatically check for and apply these updates within 24 hours. If you experience problems with this process, check our Support section.


Like the improvements? Leave us a review!

If you're pleased to see these new changes, please leave a review on the app store...


22nd February 2024 | App update version 6.6.3

This hot fix makes some improvements to commissioning in the Wiser Home app if the process is interrupted.

23rd January 2024 | App update version 6.6.1

This hot fix corrects some connection issues that some user experienced in the Wiser Home app.

1st August 2023 | App update version 6.4.0 | HubR software version v.3.14.0

Bug fixes and enhancements

We continue to read your feedback in the app stores, and have taken it into account. We've fixed connection and timeout issues as well as app crashes, providing you with a smoother and more reliable experience.

Other updates have been made to support Wiser users in other countries, so you may see these changes in the app.

9th June 2023 | App update version 6.3.0

Latest App update

In our latest update to the app we have moved our Privacy Notice into the Privacy Management section of your account settings.

These details were previously only available upon initial install and commissioning of the app but are now available for you to browse at your leisure.

In the Privacy Management section you will also find the choice to opt-in to our marketing communications. Just toggle across and you’ll be able to get all the latest news and offers from Wiser.

18th April 2023 | App update version 6.2.1

iOS Wiser users

Our latest update is for our iOS Wiser users. You will now be able to select multiple actions during moments creation. Allowing you to set the heat and lighting or electrical appliances with the use of the Wiser smart plug.

15th March 2023 | App update version 6.2.0

Bug fixes

You may have noticed we’ve updated the app version. We’ve been busy implementing some production bug fixes. They effect the following areas:

The first was to ensure our security measures protect your sensitive information.

The second was to further improve connection issues for RTOS Hub Users.

3rd March 2023 | Firmware update version 3.12.1

Our latest bug fix will effect the following changes:

HubR (UK): v 3.12.1

  • To ensure Wiser RTOS Hub can upgrade while Cloud Connection to ETP has an Error
  • Improve the Wi-Fi connection for RTOS Hub Users

8th February 2023 | App update version 6.1.6

Bug fix

This bug fix improved a pairing issue that was reported from some of our standard hub users.

16th December 2022 | Latest App and firmware updates

Latest firmware versions

We are continually reviewing and updating our Wiser Home App and our device  firmware. This ensures continuous improvement and also enables our expansion into other regions.

We've had feedback some of you are unsure what release number your device should be on so we have compiled a list below:


HubR (UK): v3.10.8

Room Thermostat: 0.42.2, app version: 0000A412

Room Thermostat (Gen2): 0.60.3, app version: 0000EA63

Radiator Thermostat: 0.60.4, app version: 000EA64

Underfloor Heating Controller: 032.2, app version: 0007D02

Electrical Heat Switch: 1.8.0, app version: 01080000

Smart Plug: 0.0.34, app version: 00000022

16th November 2022 | App update version 6.1.0

New look app 

We’ve given the app a fresh new look. Don't worry, nothing major has changed, everything can still be found in the same place, but we have implemented a clean and simple refresh.

New commissioning process

If you set up a new system you will also see that there is now a new commissioning workflow to streamline the process. There is a separate journey for installers and homeowners, simply click on the relevant button and you will be lead through a simplified journey to set up your system.


Bug fixes

We’ve also implemented a wide range of bug fixes so you will see improvements in the following areas:

  • Moments: Improvements to actions
  • Insights+: Page loading error resolved
  • Insights+ :  Accuracy of historic energy data rectified
  • Insights+: Eligibility check compatible with 5 letter postcodes
  • Insights:  May/June data now visible
  • Scheduling: Improvements to creating an entry on a new schedule
  • Scheduling: Rooms now maintain channel assignment
  • Reviews:  App review request now limited

If you are using the Wiser Home app with our Digistat product you will also experience the improvements below:

  • Improvements to app stability when bluetooth is enabled to connect to Digistat
  • Improvements to the reliability of Digistat pairing
  • Error banner formatting resolved
  • 'Remove This Device' is now functioning correctly

19th November 2021 | App update version 5.1.0

Introducing Insights+

Introducing Insights+, the intelligent energy dashboard designed to save you energy & money from your smart thermostats and heat control app. 

By connecting to your smart meter, day-by-day Insights+ builds a detailed picture of how you use your multi-zone heating. So, you can enjoy more essential tips and personalised advice on where your heating controls can save energy. It can even forecast future energy usage and spend, so you can reduce bills and do your bit to lower your carbon footprint. 

27th October 2021 | Hub firmware version 3.8.7

Control multiple devices with a single tap with Moments

We're giving you even more control to personalise your Wiser system. Create Moments to select exactly what you want each of your Wiser devices to do at certain times or events. Turn the heating up and the lights down for dinner, or turn the heating down and the sound system on for your workout, all in a single tap.

For example, set the scene for your next movie night by creating a customised Moment, which in just one tap can boost the living room by 2°C, and, via Wiser plugs, can turn on power to the TV and turns off the lamps for total home cinema atmosphere.

Easy to create, easy to manage, Wiser and Moments help you take care of creating the ideal environment for your movie night, entertaining friends, and any event you like. These Moments are yours. Start creating Moments on the Automation page of the Wiser Home app.

Requirements: Hub version: 3.8.7, Wiser Home app version: 5.1.0

30th September 2021 | App update version 5.0.0

Wiser Home - your smart home control app is evolving

You may have noticed that your Wiser Heat app has been renamed Wiser Home. Other than its name and icon, you won’t see many other differences just yet. And most importantly, the way you use it, hasn’t changed one bit.

However, our family of Wiser products will be growing in the near future, and this is just the start of things to come. We'll be in touch soon to update you on the latest developments as we continue our mission to create smarter, more sustainable homes. 

21st June 2021 | Device update version 3.6.0

Improved Radiator Thermostats

We understand that smart home technology should work in harmony with you and your home, so we've improved how the motors in your smart radiator thermostats operate, making them quieter and improving battery life by around 30%. You'll start seeing (and hearing) the improvement after your system updates itself over the course of this week.

17th May 2021 | App update version 4.6.0

"Alexa, what's the temperature in the kitchen?"

We've made it easier to link your voice assistants in the Settings menu.

15th March 2021 | App update version 4.4.0

Battery Notifications

Our customers wanted notifications to tell them when the batteries in their smart radiator thermostats were getting low. We listened and in our latest update you can now enable push notifications to give you low battery warnings, to keep your heating running smoothly.

You'll receive a low battery warning followed by a critical battery warning as a reminder to replace the batteries.

To enable battery notifications, tap the Settings icon, go to your Account, tap Notifications and tap the toggle to enable.

In-app Support

Need help with Wiser? Now you can access our full support centre including all FAQs straight from the app, simply tap the Settings icon and go to Support, then tap Help.

16th December 2020 | App update version 4.2.0

Change your background

We’ve given you the option to change the default photographic background on your home screen. If you'd rather revert to the original background, you can simply tap the toggle in settings menu.

See more rooms at once

We’ve reduced the spacing and improved the font size so that you can now see more rooms on your home screen. You can also choose to see even more rooms by removing the weather panel at the top. Again, just tap the toggle in settings.



Boost from the control screen

As well as being able to boost your heating from the homescreen, you can now boost the temperature in that room from the control screen too.  This makes it quicker and simpler to boost your system no matter which screen you’re on.

Battery status

Device battery status is important to our users, so we’ve made sure you can see them all at once. Simply go into 'Settings' and tap 'Devices' and you’ll see the full list of devices in your home, including their battery status.

9th November 2020 | App update version 4.0.0

1. Boost the heating faster than ever

You can now boost the heating in any room directly from the home screen, or boost all from the new Automation screen to increase temperatures across your home.

Tap the boost icon to boost a room's heating for 30 mins, 1 hour, 2 hours or 3 hours. To cancel all boosts and overrides go to the new Automation screen and tap cancel all heating overrides.


2. Scheduling is quicker and simpler

We’ve made your schedules more accessible and you can now set multiple rooms to follow one schedule, perfect if you want an upstairs and downstairs schedule!

Create and tweak your schedules quicker than ever to maximise both your energy savings and your comfort, and you'll save time too by copying any schedule to other days or rooms in your system.


3. Wiser Insights has a new home

Now it's easier to access your Insights and energy savings, giving you the feedback you need to optimise your heating and save energy and money.

Go to your Insights page by tapping the leaf icon at the bottom of your screen.


4. Reorder rooms on your Home screen

Re-order your list of rooms so you can see your rooms in exactly the order you'd like, helping you check the heating and make adjustments faster.

To re-order your room list, tap the three dots on the right of your screen, press and hold the room you wish to move and drag it to its new position.


5. New intuitive control screens

The brand new Automation screen lets you quickly access essential features like Away Mode, boost all and cancel all heating overrides, as well as your schedules for each room's heating devices and smart plugs.

One simple place for your key heating controls, check out the new Automation screen by tapping the icon at the bottom of your screen.


6. Easier visibility and control of smart plugs

Now you can see all your devices grouped by the room they're assigned to, including your smart plugs, for easier and more intuitive room-by-room smart home control.

On your home screen tap the smart plug to turn the appliance on or off, or create and edit schedules.

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