Easier. Better. Wiser.

At Wiser we listen to your feedback and we can now introduce the new and improved Wiser app, to make controlling your heating easier, better, smarter.

What's new?

Along with a welcoming new look, we've added handy new features and enhanced some existing ones. We're always looking for ways to improve your experience as a Wiser user and there'll be more to come.

The app's name is still Wiser Heat but you'll see our new icon on your device and in your app store. Our new look reflects our intent to strengthen our partnership with Schneider Electric to enhance our smart home offering.

Boost the heating faster than ever

You can now boost the heating in any room directly from the home screen, or boost all from the new Automation screen to increase temperatures across your home.

Tap the boost icon to boost a room's heating for 30 mins, 1 hour, 2 hours or 3 hours. To cancel all boosts and overrides go to the new Automation screen and tap cancel all heating overrides.

Scheduling heating is quicker and simpler

We’ve made your schedules more accessible and you can now set multiple rooms to follow one schedule, perfect if you want an upstairs and downstairs schedule!

Create and tweak your schedules quicker than ever to maximise both your energy savings and your comfort, and you'll save time too by copying any schedule to other days or rooms in your system.

Wiser Insights has a new home

Now it's easier to access your Insights and energy savings, giving you the feedback you need to optimise your heating and save energy and money.

Go to your Insights page by tapping the leaf icon at the bottom of your screen.

Re-order rooms on your Home screen

Re-order your list of rooms so you can see your rooms in exactly the order you'd like, helping you check the heating and make adjustments faster.

To re-order your room list, tap the three dots on the right of your screen, press and hold the room you wish to move and drag it to its new position.

New intuitive control screens

The brand new Automation screen lets you quickly access essential features like Away Mode, boost all and cancel all heating overrides, as well as your schedules for each room's heating devices and smart plugs.

One simple place for your key heating controls, check out the new Automation screen by tapping the icon at the bottom of your screen.

Easier control of your smart plugs

Now you can see all your devices grouped by the room they're assigned to, including your smart plugs, for easier and more intuitive room-by-room smart home control.

On your home screen tap the smart plug to turn the appliance on or off, or create and edit schedules.