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How to Make Your Home Smart

Home smart devices continue to increase in popularity. Smart devices improve control of your home environment, making it easier and more convenient to make changes to it wherever you are via app control. From smart security systems to smart speakers, smart lighting, smart home heating, and much more – there are many options to make your home smart quickly and easily, offering connectivity, comfort, convenience and peace of mind.

How Can a Smart Thermostat Make Your Home Smart?

Installing a smart thermostat is a vital step in your smart home journey. Smart Thermostats, like Wiser, are controlled via a handy app on your smartphone that gives you a level of control that traditional thermostats can’t. The Wiser Home app provides optimal heating control from anywhere in the world, so you can create the ideal environment for you and your family and make big savings on your energy bills. 

With the Wiser Home app, you can also take advantage of the Smart Modes to maximise energy efficiency throughout the day. Eco Mode learns about your home’s thermal properties and how long it takes your boiler to reach the desired temperature and will turn the boiler off sooner to help you save energy.

Away Mode is ideal for those who are often out and about, or away on a trip; Away Mode will drop all setpoints to a minimum energy-saving level of your choice, helping you reduce energy usage and costs.

Reporting and Tracking Your Heating At Home

Another clever feature of a smart thermostat system like Wiser is the potential for reporting and tracking, providing reassurance that your system is doing what you ask it to. With a smart thermostat system in your home, in a couple of taps compare temperatures across multiple rooms to help you tailor schedules and save energy.

Wiser Insights, found in the Wiser Home app, gives a better understanding of how your heating system is being used. Insights, together with the Heat Report, helps you see how many times you’ve overridden schedules to turn heating up or down, learns how external factors like weather affect your home’s energy efficiency, and tracks hourly activity.

The Wiser Heat Report gives you the reassurance in the form of simple-to-read charts that your system is doing exactly what you ask. With the Heat Report, track and compare temperatures room-by-room in up to 16 zones by day, week, or month. The Heat Report updates daily, so you can start getting feedback just 24 hours after your system is set up.

Make Your Home Smart with Voice Control Integration

Wiser and Voice Control

As well as reporting, the Wiser smart thermostat allows Alexa or Google Assistant integration, letting you check and adjust temperatures by simply asking Alexa or Google. See our website for examples of Alexa commands and Google commands you can use with Wiser.

Wiser and IFTTT

Wiser also integrates with If This Then That (IFTTT), a third-party service enabling multiple devices to connect. Smart thermostats by Wiser support geofencing and lets you create triggers and actions via your IFTTT account, like triggering Away Mode to turn on when you and your smartphone leave home, then resume all your normal schedules when you return, all thanks to geofencing and IFTTT.

Start Your Smart Home Journey Today

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