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How To Make Your Home Smart

The addition of smart devices to homes is becoming more and more popular. Smart devices give you control of your home as well as making it easier and more convenient for you by giving you the ability to make changes to your home from wherever you are, whenever you want to via an app.


How can a smart thermostat make my home smarter?

Installing a smart thermostat is a vital step in creating your smart home. Smart Thermostats are controlled via a Heating Control App that gives you a level of control that a standard thermostat cannot which is essentially What Makes It ‘Smart’. The Heating Control App enables you to save money and maximise comfort by being able to change your heating from wherever you are. This is even been enhanced further with the latest feature of the Wiser App: The Heat Report.

Another thing that makes the smart thermostat so smart is the reporting and tracking feature which gives you the assurance that your system is doing what you ask it to. View and compare temperatures across single or multiple rooms so you can heat your home more efficiently and save more money.

Voice search integration

As well as reporting, the Wiser smart thermostat comes with Alexa/Google Home Integration allowing you to adjust your schedule by simply asking Alexa or Google. It also integrates with IFTTT to enable geofencing. IFTTT enables you to create triggers and actions by combining multiple apps, for example, linking your Wiser system with other apps such as Life 360 to set up the command, “Activate Away mode when the last family member leaves the house."

Make your smart home even smarter with the use of Heating App Smart Modes that help you maximise the efficiency of your household heating. Wiser includes Eco Mode with a weather compensation feature.

For any help or advice, feel free to check out the Wiser FAQ Pages.