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How Smart Is Your Smart Home Speaker?

Smart speakers are always on the cutting edge of voice technology. They’ve already revolutionised the ways in which we interact with our homes, and there’ll be even more innovative and exciting features in future. Here’s what they can do, how they work with Smart Home Thermostats, and what features might be added soon:


What can they currently do?

Smart speakers such as Amazon’s Alexa or the Google Assistant already have numerous features and capabilities. Some of the most common tasks they’re used for include answering questions, checking the weather and playing music. 


But there are also several more Creative uses for Smart Speakers as well. They can be used for anything from meditation to children’s bedtime stories and be connected to other smart products so that you can control various devices with just your voice.


Can Smart Speakers connect to my Smart Home Thermostat?

Wiser’s Smart Heating System can be controlled with voice commands. If you follow the Simple Set-Up Guide for Amazon Alexa, or the Instructions to Connect with the Google Assistant, you can check and adjust temperatures using your smart speaker. This adds an extra level of comfort and convenience to your smart home thermostats and makes it even easier to Save Money and Energy with Wiser

What could be added to Smart Speakers?

In the future, it’s possible smart speakers could become linked even more intricately with smart heating systems. Environmental monitoring could be soon added as an additional feature, which may be used to analyse room conditions and temperature. Beyond this, it could have health uses in areas such as CO2 monitoring and virus detection. 


Moreover, quality of life features including gesture monitoring might be added for further ease of use and accessibility. Similarly, smart speaker microphones are likely to improve over time so that voice commands can be detected in loud environments (although Privacy Options will also need to be enhanced). And, presence detection may also be on the way to add further automation and improve smart home security.

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