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Your Smart Heating Controls: How Wiser Protects Your Personal Data

Smart device security is becoming an increasing concern for homeowners in the UK. At the time of writing, one in four households across the globe having at least one Internet of Things (IoT) device in their home. Thus, in this blog Jamie Bennett, our Engineering Director, talks through some of the security concerns you may have when purchasing smart heating controls.

Home Wi-Fi Security with Smart Heating Controls by Wiser

Some smart heating controls may require an installer to have a Wi-Fi connection to complete the set-up. However, we know that some users would rather not give away personal Wi-Fi passwords and information, that’s why Wiser creates its own Wi-Fi hotspot at set-up, so there’s no need to share your home Wi-Fi log-in. 

Wiser also features two separate pathways to follow, one for installers and one for homeowners. Using the installer path, heating engineers can skip any parts of the set-up process that require your input, all without hindering the installation. Once all the smart radiator thermostats, smart plugs, and other Wiser products are connected, installers can hand over control of the system to you. Using the homeowner pathway, you can then input your personal details to create your account. For additional security, this then gets verified using a link sent to your email address.

Personal Data Security

One of the biggest concerns following the rise of smart technology is how personal data gets stored and used by the devices themselves. Smart heating controls by Wiser collect data to enable great features like IFTTT Integration, the Smart Modes, scheduling and weather compensation. However, we view data security as an incredibly serious issue at Drayton by Schneider Electric.

Most data collected by your Wiser system is required to perform the necessary heating functions. When the data’s ready for storage, most of it is transferred to the cloud. However, some information, such as your heating schedule, gets stored locally on your phone. This is where the normal security mechanisms built into the mobile operating system, such as iOS and Android, provide data segregation and encryption to keep it safe. Additionally, some transient data is stored in the Heat Hub®; when communication happens between the local Heat Hub® and the cloud, all traffic is encrypted to provide the highest level of security for homeowners.

Moving home

Whether you decide to take your Wiser heating controls with you to a new home, or leave it installed in the property, you can be confident that any personal data can be removed if necessary. Wiser protects customers and prevents data breaches by providing a factory reset option using a local mechanism, or by calling our customer support team.

Wiser and Smart speaker security 

If you have concerns about Wiser’s integration with smart speakers such as Amazon Echo and Google Home, rest assured that both voice assistants have the highest security built into their systems already to prevent any risk toy our data security. Devices such as smart heating controls from Wiser can leverage to ensure there are no extra security risks when connected.

With the data security taken care of, you’re free to enjoy all the benefits your smart heating controls by Wiser can offer, without the worry of compromising your personal data and home network security. We guarantee that our products include all necessary measures to protect your personal information.

Want to learn more about data protection with Wiser? Read about how our smart plugs protect your personal information in our article, How Safe Are Smart Plugs?. For any questions on data protection, feel free to contact Wiser or view Our Support Hub; we’re always happy to help! Alternatively, you can find more information on Our Smart Heating Controls Here.