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The Best Environmentally Friendly Apps

Over the past few years, the variety of ways that you can be environmentally friendly has expanded significantly. From the Green Homes Grant Scheme to energy-efficient Smart Heating Systems, there are lots of methods for living more sustainably. If you’re looking for ways to make your daily routine greener, then you might be interested in hearing about our favourite eco-friendly apps!



Think about how you got to this article. You might have found it using a search engine, right? Well, imagine if when you searched for this blog post you’d helped to plant a tree somewhere in the world, thanks to your internet use, and that’s Ecosia! This search engine plants trees based on the number of searches you make, meaning that it’s one of the easiest ways for you to be greener on a daily basis.



Next, Oroeco is an essential eco-friendly app due to the sheer range of topics that it raises awareness for. It helps you to understand the impact that you’re having on the planet by:

  • Tracking your carbon footprint and climate impact

  • Assesses parts of your life such as travelling and eating

  • Provides you with tips to be more sustainable, helping you to reduce pollution and Save Money!


The Wiser Thermostat App

Wiser’s Smart Thermostat Devices are already essential for Making Your Home More Energy Efficient and, thanks to our app, you can now control your heating from anywhere! Indeed, this thermostat app lets you adjust heating schedules on the go, saving you from wasting energy, and features a range of sustainability features from Insights to Smart Modes. Find out more concerning the Wiser App Here.


Happy Cow

If you’re looking to be more environmentally friendly regarding your food then Happy Cow might be the app for you. Having less meat and dairy is a great thing for the planet, so this app helps you do just that. It recommends vegan and vegetarian recipes and you can use it to find local meat-free restaurants, making it a great tool if you want to fully give up animal produce.



Lastly, Dropcountr is a great eco-friendly app to help people save water. It does this by connecting to your water company so that you can track your consumption and receive notifications if there’s ever a leak somewhere in your home. Not only should it reduce your water usage, but it can also lower your water utility bills significantly.

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