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What Features Make For The Best Smart Thermostat?

You’re in the research stage of modernising your household heating and are thinking about getting yourself a new fancy smart thermostat… The problem is that there’s so many choices, how do you separate the choices and see which is the best smart thermostat for your home? Here we list what important features the best smart thermostats have so you can be sure you’re making the right decision!


Heating Control App

A smart thermostat that is controlled via a Heating Control App gives you a level of control that the majority of thermostats cannot. Heating Control Apps enable you to save money and maximise comfort by being able to change your heating from wherever you are.


For example, Wiser Heating App controls include: Boost Mode; Away Mode; Schedule and Multi-zone control, as well as Smart Modes that help you maximise the efficiency of your household heating.


Alexa/Google Home Integration

The best smart thermostats are the thermostats that have added convenience, in this case thermostats that can interact with other smart devices, such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home. For the ultimate in convenience, the best smart thermostats can control every room in your household and adjust by simply asking Alexa or Google.



Being able to schedule when your heating comes on in your house, in different rooms, at different temperatures is a very important feature for the best smart thermostats. With the scheduling feature you can set your heating to turn on or go off depending on your life scheduling, making sure you’re not wasting money on heating an empty household.


Reporting and Tracking

Reporting and tracking gives you the reassurance that your system is doing exactly what you ask it to, with the best smart thermostats, you are able to view and compare temperatures across single or multiple rooms and can select to view the report from a certain day, week or month. This is so you can heat your home more efficiently and save more money.


Geofencing Capabilities

Some of the best smart thermostats have Geofencing capabilities, allowing you to use your phone as an on or off switch for your smart thermostat or beyond this, you can set triggers in your house for whether the heating should be turned off or turned on. For example, Wiser features can be enhanced further via IFTTT integration, linking your Wiser system with other apps such as Life 360 to set up the command, “Activate Away mode when the last family member leaves the house".

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