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Can Smart Wireless Thermostats Save You Money?

The simple answer is yes, smart wireless thermostats can indeed save you money. If used correctly research by BEAMA shows you could save up to 40% on your heating bills, and we’ll show you how.

1. IFTTT (‘If This, Then That’)

Otherwise known as ‘If This, Then That”, smart wireless thermostat systems compatible with IFTTT allow you to connect your heating control app to other apps to create bespoke commands. For example, with Wiser you can tell your heating to enter Away Mode when it detects via geofencing that you or the last member of the household has left, then return to your schedules when you’re close to home, reducing energy use while you’re not home.

2. Heating Control Apps

One of the biggest benefits of smart wireless thermostats are the accompanying apps, making heating control accessible anywhere via an internet-connected smartphone or tablet. Running late from work? Left the heating on when you’ve gone away? Not to worry, by controlling your heating on the go you can adjust your heating in just a few taps.

3. Multi Zone Heating Control

Smart wireless thermostats like Wiser also enable multi-zone heating, the ability to control heating in each room individually using smart wireless radiator thermostats. The more smart wireless radiator thermostats in your system, the more multi-zone heating control you’ll have.

Smart wireless thermostats for radiators allow individual time and temperature control so you can create unique schedules for each room. Heating can be turned down or off in unoccupied rooms, set the kitchen’s heating to a lower temperature when you’re cooking and the bedrooms lower at night to help you sleep comfortably and reduce energy use. With small changes like this, multi-zone heating lets you tailor your heating, improving comfort and reducing heating bills.

4. Efficient Heating

With sophisticated and rapidly developing technology, smart wireless thermostats have become some of the most energy efficient heating controls on the market. Wireless radiator thermostats provide even greater control of your heating room-to-room. Traditional non-connected thermostats don’t allow for remote access to your heating, often resulting in excessive heating use in the home, which smart heating systems can help prevent.

5. Eco Features

Many smart wireless thermostat systems, including Wiser, offer energy-saving modes which can reduce excessive heating use, making it a lot easier and simpler to save energy. Wiser’s Eco Mode uses a specially designed algorithm to learn about the heating characteristics of home your home, such as how long it takes to cool down and uses this data to turn off the heating ahead of the scheduled end time, reducing unnecessary heating and saving you money in the long term.

Could Wiser Be The Smart Heating Solution For You?

The smart wireless thermostat system by Drayton Wiser could be the best investment you make this year; simple installation combined with an easy-to-use interface that our customers love make this a hassle-free way to make your home smarter, more comfortable and more efficient. Take full control of your home heating from anywhere for maximum convenience and watch the energy savings tot up.

For more information on how our smart thermostat kits can benefit your household, take a closer look at How Wiser Works today.