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6 Tips on How to Save Energy

With recent fears of gas price increases, many people are concerned with the cost of living as we move into Winter. That’s why we’re looking at the 6 best ways for your household to Save Energy and Lower the Impact of your Bills this year. Discover our tips below!


1. Switch devices off

Turning appliances off and not leaving them on standby when they’re not in use can greatly help to save money on energy bills. This also goes for your lights as well – you don’t want any room that’s empty to be wasting energy, especially in Winter. We recommend getting Smart Plugs to help with this as they can be used to create schedules for electronic devices to make them more efficient.


2. Take shorter showers

The Energy Saving Trust estimates that cutting just 1 minute from your daily shower can save your household £7 a year per person. Whilst it might not sound like a lot, taking this tip seriously is likely to help you become more water-conscious and help to lower your bills further.


3. Lower washing temperature

Dropping your washing machine’s temperature to 40°C, 30°C or even 20°C for some machines, can lead to a huge reduction in the appliance’s annual cost. Moreover, using the dryer less and opting for electric drying racks or iron can significantly increase these energy savings.


4. Bleed your radiators

If you’re only just turning on the heating this Winter, remove the air from your radiators first. This can help your heating system, as well as any Smart Radiator Thermostats, to perform efficiently and helps save money on energy bills.


5. Be mindful in the kitchen

Savings can be made anywhere in the home, and cutting your dishwasher usage by just one cycle a week can save about £8 a year on average. Meanwhile, filling the kettle more precisely can also make a similar dent in your energy bill. It’s certainly worth being energy-aware whilst preparing your food and drink.


6. Smart heating

If you don’t have a Smart Thermostat, now is the time to get one. Not only is it a great way to Winter-Proof Your Home, but they can also save up to 30% of your energy usage. This makes them essential in a time of such uncertainty in the price of our energy supplies.


On the other hand, if you already have a Wiser Smart Heating System, now is the time to utilise our Smart Modes. In particular, enabling Eco Mode alone can save you 7% more energy to help you make additional savings. We also recommend checking your Room-to-Room Temperatures so you know that you’re not wasting heat in unused parts of your home.

And, for more ideas on how to save energy whilst being eco-friendly, check out our tips on Smart Home Upgrades Here.