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Does Smart Heating Save Money?

The simple answer is yes; Heating controls remained largely unchanged for many years, with most households having a wall thermostat for adjusting temperature, turning on hot water and setting schedules. Smart heating controls have vastly expanded on this to make your home heating fully personalisable, whilst also being simple to use and accessible from anywhere.


Smart systems vary from brand to brand but expandable systems such as Wiser mean you can add individual smart radiator thermostats (up to 32), along with Smart Plugs (up to 10) to your household system and control via the smart room thermostat, or the Wiser App on your phone. This easy to use interface in the palm of your hand means it’s easier than ever to make small adjustments to your heating or hot water that will save you money, when compared to a traditional wall thermostat.


One limitation of standard heating systems is that the temperature detected by your thermostat isn’t necessarily accurate for your whole home. If it’s near a draughty front door or window (as many are) it’s likely to record lower temperatures than in other rooms of your house, resulting in the system overworking unnecessarily to hit the target.


A smart heating system with individual thermostats in each room offers far more accuracy and the ability to adjust or turn off heating in rooms you aren’t using. Why pay for heating a room all day if you aren’t in it? Tests show reducing your heating by just 1 degree can save up to £100 across the year, so think how much you can save with a more advanced system!


More smart home features to save you money

As well as offering ease of use and accuracy, smart heating can reduce your bills further with a host of additional features. The Wiser smart heating system features include Away Mode, Eco Mode, Insights & Heat Reports (view comprehensive data and take instant action), open window detection, hands-free smart speaker compatibility as well as Geofencing, which uses a GPS perimeter around your home to automate your system when you aren’t there. A study by the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics suggests that the Geofencing feature alone could save 24% on your energy bills.


A smart heating system by Wiser could save you up to 50%* more energy in just 3 simple steps:

  1. Save 24% more energy by automating Away Mode using Geofencing.
  2. Save 18% more energy by adding smart radiator thermostats to set different schedules for each room.
  3. Save 7% more energy in Eco Mode


Find out more about how Wiser can Save you Energy and Money here, or alternatively check out our article on why you need a Smart Thermostat here!


*% saving based on having no controls. If you already have basic heating controls installed, Wiser can still save you up to 40% on your energy savings if used correctly. 


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