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Smart or Wireless programmable thermostats?

Both smart thermostats and wireless programmable room thermostats have been instrumental in improving central heating systems in homes across the UK, by reducing energy wastage and consequently lowering energy bills by providing room-to-room temperature control. But how do these thermostats work and how do they differ? Just what makes a smart thermostat smart?

Wireless Programmable Room Thermostats

As some of the first products to break away from traditional thermostats, wireless programmable thermostats switch on central heating automatically when they detect a drop in air temperature, maintaining the set temperatures in each room. By setting heating schedules for each room individually according to your lifestyle, wireless programmable thermostats can reduce costs by preventing energy wastage.

Smart Thermostats

Many wireless programmable thermostats are now going smart, just like Wiser; not only do these provide the same energy-saving benefits, they offer even more control over your heating system via a connected device, which provides additional features such as:

Remote Programming via an App

With the ability to adjust your central heating system from anywhere in the world, you can access the benefits of the Wiser Smart Modes at any time, maximising energy efficiency whenever plans change. You can also use the app to gain valuable insights into your home’s heating through The Heat Report


Smart technology means seamless integration with other types of devices. Wirelessly connect our smart thermostat with other Wiser products, such as our smart radiator thermostats and smart plugs. And for ultimate hands-free control of your home heating, integrate Wiser with other smart home devices to control your heating using voice activation, via Amazon’s Alexa and the Google Assistant. Wiser’s geofencing feature links it to other apps like Life 360, then simply use IFTTT to set commands such as “When all members of the household leave, turn on Away Mode”.

Even more saving!

By taking advantage of the features provided by a smart thermostat, you’ll enjoy more control, more convenience and maximum home heating efficiency, leading to greater savings on your home energy when compared to using a wireless programmable thermostat without smart technology. 

So if you’re considering an upgrade to a wireless programmable thermostat, remember that by going smart you’re not only future-proofing your home, the superior control provided by smart thermostats will help you start making savings today.

Find out more about our smart thermostat products here. For questions about Wiser please feel free to contact us or check out our support page.