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Cut Business Energy Bills With a Smart Thermostat

How Do You Cut Business Energy bills?  

Smart thermostats are increasingly popular amongst homeowners – the cost savings to energy bills, amongst other benefits, make switching to smart heating a no-brainer. But smart heating isn’t just for homeowners – did you know that installing a Wiser Smart Thermostat in your office will help cut business energy bills?

Save Your Business Money, the Wiser Way

Office smart thermostats link wirelessly to your boiler via the HubR, so you can use your commercial thermostats to control your premises' heating and hot water remotely, setting schedules for your commercial property from anywhere in the world through the handy Wiser App, making them ideal for business use.

multi-zone smart thermostats allow you to set individual schedules for each room. Reducing the temperature or turning the heating off in each room can significantly cut business energy bills.

Commercial Thermostat Can Provide Ultimate Control and Convenience

Prevent Tampering

A smart thermostat in your workplace provides ultimate control over heating and hot water schedules. Office smart thermostats often feature a device lock to prevent employees from adjusting heating controls, to avoid an unexpected and extortionate energy bill! Installing a commercial thermostat ensures only chosen responsible people can access the account via the app to control the heating and its schedules.

Total Flexibility

An office smart thermostat lets you access heating from anywhere in the world via the Wiser App. For offices closed at weekends, Monday mornings can be considerably colder if the heating’s been off; for better employee comfort use your office smart thermostat to set a Monday schedule that starts before opening. Less boosting by chilly employees means you can cut your business energy bill.

Start Saving Today with a Smart Thermostat from Wiser

With energy costs skyrocketing and businesses feeling the pinch, now’s the ideal time to start saving on your business energy bills, and Wiser’s here to help. You can be up and running in a matter of days; and once you have all the necessary equipment and opt to Find An Installer, installation can take just minutes!

To find out more about the significant energy savings possible with a Wiser office smart thermostat, visit our website. Or to find the ideal smart heating kit for your office, use our product selector.