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Energy Saving Myth Busting Blog – Is It Cheaper to Leave the Heating On All Day?

At Wiser, we receive a lot of questions asking about energy-saving strategies as well as queries about heating and energy-efficiency. A common one has always been this: is it cheaper to leave the heating on in your home all day? This is a frequently debated topic amongst billpayers and energy providers alike. So is it just a myth or an outside-of-the-box energy-saving tip? We’ll look at both sides of the argument.


Why shouldn’t you leave your central heating on all day?

Some critics of this advice have stated that leaving your central heating on 24/7 (even on a low setting), will result in using more energy in the long-run, leading to bigger bills. This concern has led many groups and organisations, including the Energy Saving Trust and British Gas, to dismiss the idea that it’s cheaper to leave your heating on all day as a myth.


What’s the counter-argument?

Despite the above concern, there are reasons why this issue isn’t entirely clear-cut. Some experts claim the debate is less about energy-efficiency, and more about the nature and thermal properties of a building. The line of this argument is that turning the heating on and off frequently leads to greater condensation build-up, which conducts heat out of the home. This could eventually lead to a large amount of wasted energy and higher energy costs than leaving the heating on a constant low level.


What is the solution?

If this debate makes anything clear it’s this: insulation is vital to achieving energy efficiency. As for the best way to heat your home, households with poor insulation may not see significant energy savings by leaving the heating on low all day. Improving insulation will result in less energy wastage whichever heating pattern you feel works best for your household.

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