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Building your Smart Home with Wiser

You don’t need to buy lots of components and high-end technology to create a smart home. Indeed, that’s why making one in 2020 is relatively easy – you only require a few practical yet affordable smart devices to act as the foundation to your smart home’s system. However, if you’re unsure on where to start with this, our guide below on building a Smart Home may help get you started.

Wiser’s smart products

Our range of smart devices can transform the way you interact with your home, adjusting to your day-to-day life to provide greater comfort and convenience. Here are some of the products we supply and a brief explanation of how they make your home 'smart':

Smart room thermostats:

Our smart room thermostats allow you to schedule your home’s heating system to warm-up at the times you require. They can also all be controlled remotely via a smart phone, giving you freedom to change your central heating settings wherever you are and whenever you need to. Not only can these smart room thermostats save a considerable amount of money, they are considered an essential feature of any Smart Home system.

Smart radiator Thermostats:

To enhance your smart heating system, upgrading your radiators with smart radiator thermostats gives you even greater control. Simply swapping your current TRV’s to these smart devices allows you to heat all of the rooms in your home individually.

Smart plugs:

The convenience of scheduling your heating remotely is one thing, but having the ability to do the same thing with any plug-in electrical device in your home is what smart plugs are great for. Whether it’s the ability to turn lights on whilst you’re away from home for security, or just to automatically boil the kettle in the morning, these are a great addition to any Smart Home.

Smart Home Integration

A key feature of what makes a home truly ‘smart’ is the ability for your devices to integrate under one program. That’s why Wiser devices are controlled under our heating control app and intuitive smart modes that you can maximise efficiency with.

However, our smart products are also compatible with Amazon’s Alexa and the Google Assistant, meaning voice command control for our devices can be enabled. This allows your smart heating system to be controlled alongside any other non-Wiser devices, which is a crucial element of creating a high-quality Smart Home. Moreover, this is why our products can be integrated with IFTTT systems, which acts like a central device hub in the cloud. It makes setting up commands for any device effortless, and creating a free account with IFTTT is a great help in building your affordable Smart Home.

Alot of questions we recieve are usually in regards to Wi-Fi, why not check out our in-depth blog about whether Smart home products from Wiser impact your Wi-Fi and whether a good Wi-Fi connection is essential.

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