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The Key Features Of a Smart Heating System

From getting the right devices to understanding smart control features, here's our complete guide to Wiser’s smart heating systems, suitable for both installers and homeowners:


Choosing the right product

Choosing a Wiser kit is quick and easy whether you’re looking at upgrading your home’s heating system, or have been asked by a customer which solution is recommended for them. Simply head to Our Product Selector Page and answer a few multiple-choice questions and you’ll know which smart heating solution is needed for any compatible system. 

If you’re a homeowner in search of an installer, find your local  quickly and easily. And, for installers, you can Get Wiser Approved Today and take advantage of free training on fitting the right Wiser products for different homes, as well as exclusive discounts.


Controlling a Smart Heating System

Using the App

Wiser’s smart central heating system can be accessed and controlled all through your Thermostat App. Opening the Wiser app on your smartphone will take you to the home screen, which has the following key features:

  • Weather – Displays the local weather and current forecasts in your area

  • Insights – This is where you can access the Heat Report and view your Energy Savings

  • Settings – Where you make a wide variety of system changes

  • Away Mode – To lower temperatures to your chosen level to save energy while you’re away

In addition, you’ll see all rooms in your Multi-Zone Heating System listed with their setpoints and actual temperatures, plus the hot water if it’s separate. Room order can be changed simply by dragging them on your smartphone screen.

By tapping a room in the list, you can adjust the temperature by using the side adjustment bar, or by tapping the Boost icon, which increases room temperature by 2°C for a time period of your choice. A flame icon will indicate when the smart thermostat is calling for heat.

You can also Boost your whole smart heating system simultaneously by going to the Automation page, simply tap the middle icon at the bottom of the Home page. Tap ‘Boost All’ to increase all room temperatures by 2°C for one hour. To cancel boosts and overrides, simply tap ‘Cancel all heating overrides’ also in this menu.


Making changes

Boost options are great for temporarily adjusting your smart central heating, but what if you want to make permanent changes?

By tapping a room in your list to enter Room View, you can change a zone’s heating schedule by tapping ‘Edit schedule’. By tailoring your schedules to suit your lifestyle and to only heat rooms when they’re being used, you’ll be maximizing your energy efficiency whilst maintaining comfort.

When you reach the Edit schedules page the ‘Events’ will be listed for the given zone, which are essentially the commands for when each room should be heated and at what temperatures. You can set up to 8 of these events per day per zone, and schedules can be easily duplicated across to other days and zones to speed up the process.

Smart heating controls can also be operated manually, if you don’t have your phone to hand. Simply use the touch interface on the room thermostat, and the twist caps of the smart radiator thermostats to adjust temperatures.



Lastly, the Settings page contains a variety of additional options for convenient control. By going to ‘Devices’ you’re able to see all of the Wiser products in your system, which also shows the battery amounts for  and . Moreover, you can ‘Lock’ devices here to prevent manual adjustments, helpful if you have small children or guests staying over.

Then there’s Wiser’s ‘Smart Modes’. As the name suggests, this allows you to activate , carefully engineered to help you maximise comfort and efficiency. You can Read Our Smart Mode Guide for more information.

Wiser’s smart heating system is designed to be easily navigable for both homeowners and installation teams. For more information, check out Our Support Page or watch our YouTube Guide to Smart Central Heating Here!