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Tips for Managing Smart Central Heating this Summer

With everyone outside enjoying the warm weather (including ourselves) little attention is paid to heating controls or boilers. But Summer’s a great time to check your system over, make any upgrades and increase efficiency before colder weather comes back around.


But to ensure that you continue to make Significant Energy Savings during the warmer months, there are a few things that you shouldn’t ignore. After all, given that most of our bills go up a bit during Winter, this should be the time to make energy-efficient changes to your system. So, to help you do this, here are our tips for managing smart central heating this Summer:


Should I turn off my Smart Thermostats?

First of all, let’s address an age-old question. Many households turn thermostats off in order to save money, but it can also lead to a lack of flexibility if the weather changes. This means that Summer can often present a choice between cost and comfort. 


Thankfully Wiser allows you to choose both. We recommend that you leave your smart central heating active during Summer, but utilize the Smart Modes such as Away Mode. As a result, you can remain cost-effective whilst still able to maintain a minimum temperature or adjust the temperature slightly if needs be, to prevent those cold moments and maintain Room-to-Room Control. It’s one of the reasons we suggest Upgrading to Smart Heating During Summer.

This will also take care of your smart heating devices such as underfloor heating or heat switch.

Checking your Smart Central Heating and boiler controls

Regardless of the boiler type, it is recommended that you get your system serviced annually. As there is less demand for this when boilers aren’t active as much, the Summer is an excellent opportunity to get this done quickly and sometimes for a reduced cost.


It’s certainly worth checking your smart thermostats to see if your heating controls are still as energy-efficient as possible. You can do this by looking at your Wiser Insights & Heat Report and then adjusting your schedules accordingly. Doing this during the warmer months may mean that you’re Better Prepared for Winter


Of course, you can also get in contact with our Support Team if you see anything that you’re unsure about whilst doing this Summer maintenance.


Bleeding your radiators

If you have Wiser’s Smart TRVs, you should be ensuring that your radiators are working properly at least once a year, so the Summer offers an excellent opportunity to do this. If you notice any problems, then you have ample time before it gets cold again to address the issue and avoid overconsumption. By doing this, you’ll be ensuring your smart central heating controls are as energy-efficient as ever!

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