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Reasons to Upgrade to A Smart Thermostat This Summer

You may think summer is the worst time to look at upgrading your home heating system but why wait to reap the many benefits of these wonderful little devices. As winter draws closer, more and more homeowners think about upgrading their home usually resulting in a spike in smart device prices, and a decrease in availability.  Here we take a look at reasons to upgrade today:


Set Temperature 

The standout reason to upgrade to a smart thermostat is the ability to control the temperature of your home from anywhere in the world. As we know, the British summer doesn’t always guarantee warm weather and summer evening temperatures can drop. If you’ve been out for a day trip a sudden temperature plunge could mean returning to a cold home. With a smart thermostat at home this could be avoided!



Although one of the main benefits of upgrading to a smart thermostat is the ability to control your home heating from anywhere, there are added rewards like energy savings. A smart thermostat is designed to make your home heating as efficient as possible, heating the boiler at a slower rate and reducing wasted energy. By reducing the amount of wasted energy, you’ll notice your energy bills dropping and begin to save money.



Smart Appliances 

Upgrading to a smart thermostat is just the first phase to creating a fully integrated smart home. Once you’re set up with your smart heating app, you can integrate other smart devices, such as smart plugs to improve the efficiency of your home further. These smart plugs can be extremely convenient for controlling and scheduling lamps and appliances such as hair straighteners, slow cookers or an iron! You’ll never have to worry again as you can check the status of your plug from your Wiser App.


Voice Control

Like most smart devices, once connected to your smart hub, the Wiser smart thermostat responds to voice commands. Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, simply say “Alexa, increase the living room temperature to 21 degrees”, or “OK Google, turn the heating on at 6 pm”. What’s more, you can also use voice commands with our smart plugs! 


Upgrading Is The Wiser Choice 

If you’re looking to upgrade your home heating system this summer to Prepare for Winter, Wiser offers a wide range of smart heating products and the transition is very easy! In fact, Wiser might the perfect companion if you're continuing to Work From Home This Year.

You can try our Product Selector to find the right kit for you and where you can buy today. Questions about Wiser or How to Upgrade? Find out more about how Wiser works or get in touch by completing our contact form or phoning 0333 6000 622 between 8 am and 6 pm, Monday to Saturday.