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How Easy is it to Install Smart Heating?

Smart heating can save you money on your energy bills by making it easier to schedule your heating and improve efficiency. These systems are rapidly becoming the new norm, with many households opting to control their heating remotely. Some, however, are hesitant to upgrade to smart heating, perhaps becuase a modern system might seem complicated to install.

Installers and Wiser customers love Wiser for its stress-free installation, so just how very easy is it to set up smart heating?


Choosing a product

When upgrading your heating system selecting the right product for you is important. The smooth Wiser Product Selector helps find a solution for almost any existing heating system. In four quick questions we’ll recommend one of our five smart heating kits and where you can purchase.


The installation process

Wiser makes the installation and set up process as effortless as possible. The Heat Hub is compatible with standard UK wallplates and can be fitted within minutes, all you need to do is un-clip the old controller and clip on the Wiser Heat Hub. Download the Wiser Heat App and follow the on-screen instructions to connect to the WIser Heat Hub, then add the wireless smart thermostats and smart radiator valves remotely. You're all set! Explore the app and set up schedules, control your heating system away from home, 

If you’re not confident installing Wiser yourself, or may need additional wiring, find your local Wiser Approved Installer who'll be happy to purchase and install WIser for you.


Expanding your smart heating system

Once you're enjoying the benefits of your smart home and controlling your heating from your phone, you're free to add more devices at any point to increase your control and the flexibility of the system. Extra smart radiator thermostats or other products like our smart plugs can be quickly paired to your Wiser system and controlled through the same WIser app as your heating.


For more information on Wiser's easy smart heating installation and where to find local Wiser Approved installers, check out our set-up-page.