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Is Wiser the best smart thermostat for you?

Smart heating controls are becoming an ever-more common presence. Smart thermostats across the UK are providing room-by-room heating control to homeowners via the Wiser Heat app, from anywhere in the world, saving energy and reducing bills for millions of UK households.

Wiser’s ease of use and meticulously designed features has the experts buzzing, and the smart heating controls by Wiser are considered by Tech Advisor among the best smart thermostats on the market.


High-quality smart control with all the best modern features

Manufactured in the UK, Wiser’s high quality devices and superior control could offer the best smart heating control for your household – our smart heating devices are award-winning, intelligent and reliable. Wiser devices feature a clean, contemporary design combined with innovative features and unrivalled temperature control room-by-room via smart radiator thermostats.

The Wiser Heat app provides easy access to view and adjust your home heating, and gain Insights into your smart heating system’s performance by assembling months of data into one easy-to-read display. Being compatible with Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant, smart thermostats from Wiser are voice command compatible and offer IFTTT integration.

Other Wiser products such like the new smart plugs can be added to the system for remote control of electrical devices. All of this, plus constant development of new features guarantees our smart thermostats are amongst the UK's most comprehensive.


Simple installation, intuitive to use

Since any changes to a central heating system tend to be long-term investments, you might expect that upgrading involves a lot of hassle, or that the switch to smart heating control is a lengthy and complicated procedure. However, what makes Wiser so popular is simple installation; in many cases the Wiser Heat HubR simply clicks in place to replace your existing boiler control if it uses the UK standard backplate.

Wiser’s wireless smart thermostats and radiator thermostats can then be added to the Smart Boiler Control System and configured in a matter of minutes via the Wiser app. So, you’ll never be left without heating in the unpredictable UK climate!


Affordability and flexibility

For households looking for the best combination of high-quality smart thermostats made in the UK, industry-leading features, superior smart heating control and affordability, Wiser offers a range of smart thermostat kits to suit practically any home, with multi-zone kits that give you full control of your heating room-by-room with smart radiator thermostats. Try our Product Selector today to find your ideal smart heating solution.

Wiser provide a smart thermostat solution

If you're looking for a smart thermostat solution then look no further. The smart thermostat from Wiser comes with built in smart features to make your life easier! Contact us today to find out more information on our smart products.