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How Does Smart Heating Work?

Smart heating is a fantastic addition to your home, allowing you more control over your heating — but it’s not as complicated as you might think. 

Once your smart heating controls are installed, they can be remotely managed via your smartphone or smart device from anywhere in the world, saving you money and reducing your home’s carbon footprint. 

How To Set Up Smart Heating Controls

To get started on your smart heating journey, you’ll first need a smart thermostat system fitted by an approved installer. Your smart thermostat can then connect wirelessly to your smart device with the Wiser Home app, so that you can control your heating from anywhere.

Your smart thermostat will work just like a traditional thermostat; it will monitor the air temperature and send a signal to the heating system to kick in if the temperature falls below the preset value.

Once you’ve got your smart heating controls and smart thermostat connected to your device, it’s time to start adding products for you to control.

Building Your Smart Heating System

When it comes to your home’s smart heating, you can add as many or as few products into your System.

Wiser’s system allows you to grow your smart heating controls based entirely on your own unique needs:


You can install a smart radiator thermostat to upgrade the radiators connected to your central heating system. Not only can you save up to 19% in energy usage, but it’s also a brilliant way of personalising your home’s heating based on the rooms you use the most.

Electrical appliances

Whether you want to turn the slow cooker on with tonight’s dinner in, or you need to sanity-check that you did actually turn your iron off, using a smart plug transforms your electrical appliances into smart devices that can all be remotely controlled via the Wiser Home app. 

Using Wiser’s smart plugs also gives your other smart heating controls a signal boost, thanks to its built-in signal range extender.

Underfloor heating

Like the radiator thermostats in your smart heating system, you can control and personalise your underfloor heating zones with the underfloor heating controller.

Electrical radiators

Are you using electrical radiators in your bathrooms? No problem! You can still add them to your smart heating network with an electrical heat switch

Getting the best from your smart heating system

Whilst your smart heating system does all the hard work for you, it’s still essential to follow some simple steps to get the most from your smart heating controls, including:

  • Read the manuals and instructions that come with your system: smart heating controls come with a range of settings and modes to help you get the most out of your smart heating.

  • Keep an eye on your energy usage: this function is there, so use it! Monitoring your energy usage means saving money on your energy bills if you use it correctly.

  • Include smart heating wherever you go, workplace or even your guesthouse.

  • Use the scheduling features: smart heating systems allow you to schedule when your heating should be on and off. 

  • Keep your system maintained: like any other appliance or equipment, you must regularly maintain your smart heating system to function correctly. Clean or replace devices as needed and keep an eye out for any other issues or errors that arise.

If you are looking for smart heating technology, Wiser has the perfect system. Take a look at what we offer and complete our product selector quiz to find the right smart heating system for your home.