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Smart Heating by Wiser Works Without Wi-Fi

Whilst the internet is necessary for most people in the modern age, with whole homes running with full connectivity daily, it is sometimes easy to forget that the internet can sometimes go down without warning.

However, with Wiser, our Wi-Fi heating control and Wi-Fi thermostat can work without the need for an internet connection. If you experience a glitch with your internet connection, we still have your Wi-Fi thermostats and smart heating covered.

What Happens To My Smart Heating When The Wi-Fi Goes Down?

If your home’s Wi-Fi network goes down, you don’t need to worry about your heating. While our Wi-Fi thermostats and smart heating controls need Wi-Fi for advanced features, you can still control your heating like a traditional central heating system when there is no internet.

How Does Smart Heating Work Without the Internet?

Ideally, your smart heating should always be connected to the internet to maximise its potential; but it doesn’t solely rely on an internet connection.

At Wiser, our smart heating controls can talk to each other both online and offline, minimising the need for Wi-Fi. Once the HubR has been connected to your Wi-Fi network and linked to your Wiser account, it creates its own radio frequency signal to communicate with your other wireless devices. 

This communication doesn’t require Wi-Fi, so your smart heating won’t let you down even if your internet loses connection. 

What If I Lose Connection To My App And I’m Away From Home?

If you’re away from home and can’t connect to the app on your smartphone, don’t worry; your internet-connected thermostat will still run according to the programme you selected before you lost connection.

Whilst you won’t be able to connect to your Wi-Fi heating control system until you find a Wi-Fi connection for your phone again, your heating will still run as you programmed it. 

If you are interested in installing Wiser smart heating in your home, don’t let the worry of losing connectivity stop you. Use our product selector to find the right internet thermostat system for you and your internet plan here.