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Is Good Wi-Fi Essential for Smart Heating?

Modern smart homes generally require the internet so that they can be, well, smart. So, is a strong connection essential for smart heating? And, moreover, does a Smart Thermostat impact your Wi-Fi speed?


Creating a Smart Home

If you’re thinking about Upgrading to Smart Devices, you should double-check your household internet plan to see your connection speed and bandwidth. If you have concerns about your connection, you could do one of the following before you Create your Smart Home:

  • Move your router to a more central, open area

  • Research any devices you’re considering buying

  • Use a comparison site to find a better internet deal

  • Plus more tips to improve your wi-fi for smart homes


Can too many devices slow down your internet?

It is true that too many smart home devices connected to your Wi-Fi at the same time could slow your internet speed. But there is no simple answer to the severity of this, or in fact how many devices could be added to your network before you experience any issues. Some homes could have anywhere from 20 to 200 devices connected at the same time without seeing a negative impact on their Wi-Fi, for instance.


Does Wiser Smart Heating impact Wi-Fi?

In short, no. Our Wiser systems talk to each other online and offline to minimise internet usage and impacts to your Wi-Wi. You’ll be free to use your devices while maximising the temperature comfort of your home. Once the HubR has been connected to your Wi-Fi to link your Wiser account, it then creates its own (radio frequency) RF signal which is used to communicate with the Wiser wireless devices.

Wiser aims to ensure that our smart home products maintain a strong internet connection for your home. This means that our devices are Accessible to Almost Everyone, regardless of internet plans or location. Multi-Zone Heating Schedules and our Smart Modes can be enabled via the Wiser App, which uses minimal mobile data to minimise any risk of slowdowns. 

Simply put, our smart thermostats use your existing Wi-Fi to enhance the comfort and convenience of your home’s heating, without impacting other devices. You can find more information on How Wiser Works Here, or discover how you can Save Energy at Home Here.