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Wiser Explains: What Is A Smart Thermostat?

One of the latest smart home trends, smart thermostats are the Internet-Connected Solution to better heating control. Discover the benefits of the smart yet simple-to-use Wiser thermostat, and why you should Upgrade to Smart Heating Today.

The latest home heating trend is Installing Either Wireless or Smart Thermostats. Having a smart thermostat is particularly beneficial, as you can Control Your Heating Remotely from your smart phone or internet-connected tablet device. This is a way of managing your heating efficiently, ensuring you don’t waste a penny overheating your home, with the added convenience of heating control from anywhere in the world.

In larger households, different family members have different heating needs and it can be tricky to cater for  everyone using conventional systems; smart thermostats like Wiser make it simple to adjust the temperature in different rooms so everyone stays comfortable. Keep babies at a safe temperature and help elderly family members stay comfortable, without overheating the rest of the home.


How our smart thermostat and Wiser app can benefit you

The Wiser app makes it simple and easy to control your heating from your phone, with greater control over your energy usage and room temperatures:

  • Boost – Easily boost the temperature of individual rooms/zones for a selected time.
  • Away Mode – Away for a while? Select the Away Mode to make sure you’re not paying for heating you’re not using.
  • Schedule Changes – If your plans change, simply adjust your heating schedule from wherever you are.
  • Multi-zone Control - multi-zone control allow you to control the temperature of different rooms in your house separately.
  • IFTTT – Meaning ‘If This, Then That’, link up your wireless thermostat to different smart devices to give you even more convenient control of your heating.

You can read the Wiser Explains Article On Our App Here for more information.

In all, Wiser Smart Thermostats can be the key to ultimate comfort and savings in your home. You can even use our product selector to find the most suitable product for your needs and we also have Wiser recommendations for you to take a look at.