Wiser Wifi Thermostat and Heating Controls

Wiser is the smarter and easier way for you to heat your home by combining beautifully designed Smart Home features with state of the art Wireless Technology.

Sophisticated Wifi Thermostat Technology

The Wiser room thermostat is the starting point of your smart heating system. While standard thermostats work from a central control panel to programme your central heating, Wiser wifi thermostats allow you to easily control the heating wherever you are with the Wiser app.

Your room thermostat connects to the internet in your home wirelessly, making it easy to update schedules and heating preferences straight from the thermostat or using the handy Wiser app.

Easy To Use Wireless Thermostats

With a stylish full colour display that is fitted with a humidity sensor, you are able to effortlessly change the temperature of your home straight from your wifi thermostat. Whilst using the app to create heating schedules.

In addition to using the wireless room thermostat, changes can easily be made with the Wiser app, no matter your location. Therefore, whether you decide to go out for dinner straight from work, have a surprise guest visiting or your commute is taking longer than usual, you will always have a cosy house to welcome you home. 

Money Saving Benefits of Wifi Thermostats

Wifi heating controls have superior energy saving features in comparison to standard control panels. The wireless Smart Home feature gives you total control over the heating in your home, saving you money in the long term.

With options to set a heating schedule, adjust the temperature up or down whenever you want, and set away mode and eco mode, your home will become more energy efficient, and in turn save you money. The addition of IFTTT compatibility means you can get even more functionality out of your wifi heating controls, for example by setting your heating to switch off when everyone has left the house. Find out more about our other Smart Home features.

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