Wireless Thermostats From Wiser

With Wiser, simplicity is key. Our wireless room thermostat linked to individually controlled wireless radiator thermostats gives you full control of your home’s smart heating. Easy to install, a clean contemporary design and at a price you can afford.

Expandable multi-zone heating

Combine our wireless thermostats (The Wiser room thermostats and radiator thermostats) with the Wiser Plug for a true smart home experience. We explain Multi-Zone Heating Here, but essentially you can control each room's heating, hot water, lights and appliances, all in the palm of your hand. This is done with the Wiser App, available for Apple and Android devices. A host of clever features help maximise energy efficiency and reduce household energy costs.

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Easy installation

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Individual room control

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App control

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Compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

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Save energy and money with the Wiser smart heating system


Buying Your Wiser Wireless Thermostat Kit

A Wiser multizone thermostat kit provides all the key features you need to start saving energy and money. The cutting-edge system is both affordable and expandable; add up to 32 radiator thermostats and 10 Smart Plugs to a single system! Buying online is easy and Wiser is available now from our trusted selling partners.

Our Multi-zone Kits & Products

The radiator thermostat is available as part of our Wiser multi-zone kits, or to buy on it's own. Read more about our kits below or use our product selector to find the right one for you. A full list of stockists is available on our Where to Buy page. 

Wiser Multi-zone Kit 1

The perfect solution if you have a combi boiler (no separate hot water control).

  • One 1-channel Heat HubR
  • One Room thermostat
  • Two Radiator Thermostats

RRP £219.99

Wiser Multi-zone Kit 2

This kit's for you if you have a conventional boiler (with separate hot water control).

  • One 2-channel Heat HubR
  • One room Thermostat
  • Two Radiator Thermostats

RRP £229.99

Radiator Thermostat

Add extra smart radiator thermostats to every radiator in your Wiser system to maximise comfort and convenience.

  • Ring nut included
  • Adapters included
  • Batteries included

RRP £44.99 each

Use our Product Selector to find the right kit for you

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