Electrical Heat Switch

Use the little things to help take care of the big with our Electrical Heat Switch. Control the temperature of the larger electrical heating devices in your home, all from your Wiser Home app. Total control of your home, wherever you want it.

Switched on to better heating

Infrared radiators, electrical radiators, electric towel rails and plinth heaters. Using the Wiser Electrical Heat Switch with a Smart Room Thermostat, puts you in complete control of every single one.

Sync up with your Smart Room Thermostats to control the temperature of your electrical heating. Plus, because it’s hard wired, the switch can even be used to boost the signal range between other Wiser devices in your system.

No matter what type of heating, if you’ve got Wiser, you’ll be taking more care of the planet - with every tap of the app.

Control electrical heating devices from the Wiser Home app

16A capabilities

Use as a range extender for the entire Wiser system (an alternative to the Smart Plug)

COMING SOON: Control electrical underfloor heating

COMING SOON: Control a single zone of wet underfloor heating

One switch. Smarter heating all round

We’ve come a long way from the old days of night storage heaters. Electrical heating is the future of heat. As the world is moving towards electric power, you'll be lowering your carbon footprint with one switch: the Electrical Heat Switch from Wiser.

One switch per device. One room thermostat per switch. One app to control it all.

It works with any kind of electric radiator and puts you in total control of those larger amplitude items - like that electrical towel rail that dries the last-minute gym kit and the infrared panel heater that keeps things snuggly in winter. Use it to control your electrical heating devices as the world transitions towards Net Zero.

If your home isn’t on a gas supply, you can create smart multi-zoning for your all-electric system. And it integrates with existing Wiser systems. What’s more, the Electrical Heat Switch doesn’t have to be on show, it can easily sit in a control cupboard.

Turn your Electrical Heat Switch into a smart world

When it comes to Wiser, you've got smart control of your heating, all over the house. Our entire ecosystem of products work together in harmony, all controlled from your Wiser Home App. It doesn't matter what you start with, you can add the products you need as your lifestyle and home demands evolve over time. Easy to manage, easy to grow, and easy to build a whole Wiser heating system.