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Wiser Investment vs. Savings: Installation Costs and Payback Time

Investing in a smart heating system when trying to save money may initially seem a little backwards. However, before you know it, your smart thermostat payback will pay dividends against the smart thermostat installation cost.

Smart Thermostat Payback


Smart thermostats are becoming increasingly popular because they save homeowners money on their energy bills. While a smart thermostat is slightly pricier than a traditional thermostat, the long-term savings in the smart thermostat cost vs savings argument make the initial investment worthwhile.

What Is The Initial Smart Thermostat Installation Cost?


The initial cost of a smart thermostat consists of the price of the system itself and the fee for a qualified installer to get you up and running. For example, in a typical three-bed house with a multi-zone kit 1 + 6 radiator thermostats cost £511 plus an installer cost of £200 totalling £711. You're likely therefore to pay this off in a little over a year.

Energy Savings Means Money Savings


Here’s where we talk about what matters most — savings. The energy savings of a smart thermostat can be substantial due to the nature of their design; they adjust the temperature within your home based on your preferences, usage, and habits.


Having a smart thermostat that adjusts your heating intelligently is how some households can save £575 a year on energy bills, and where your smart thermostat payback kicks in.

Smart Thermostats Pay Dividends Over Time


When considering the smart thermostat cost vs savings, it is essential to understand that once the system is installed, your smart thermostat payback will start to accumulate.

With Wiser, Ofgem, BEAMA, and Salford University recently discovering that you can save up to £575 in a year by using the Wiser smart heating system, you’ll find that your smart thermostat delivers a return on your investment relatively quickly.


If you’d like to start making savings with Wiser’s smart home technology, find all our products here.