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The Russell Family: Wiser Delivers Proven Energy Savings

In 2019, Wiser customer Lynne Russell had the system installed in her three-bedroom home, having decided to get better control of her Heating on a Room-by-Room Basis, and as such have more control of her utility bills.

An Expandable Smart Heating System

Initially Lynne tried the system with two Wiser TRV’s but was so convinced by the benefits, she purchased Smart Radiator Thermostats for every room in the house, providing heating control across every room in the house from her phone, whether at home or away.


Proven Energy Savings With Wiser

After a full year of use, her energy consumption dropped significantly by harnessing smart heating control, reducing from 944kWh the previous year to just 659kWh for the same period the following year while she was using Wiser, a staggering reduction of more than 30%. Wiser’s multi-room heating control continues to help Lynne Save Money on Energy Bills and reduce her carbon footprint.

“I wasn’t sure whether this would benefit us at first but I am so glad we converted, as it’s so simple to use and extremely versatile.

"We have the flexibility of scheduling each room in the house to suit our needs throughout the day and evening. If it gets cool in one room we can boost the heat setting for 30 mins without affecting any of the pre-set schedules. I would thoroughly recommend it.”

- Lynne Russell, Wiser customer


Lynne’s daughter, Ella, introduced her mother to the Wiser's smart thermostat system having discovered the many benefits of smart heating controls in her own home.

Most of us take it for granted but a warm home is everything at this time of the year. However, the cost of heating your home can be a worry, especially with us being at home so much more.

Ella Russell, @therussellshome


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