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2020 Smart Thermostats Compared

There are now a wide range of smart thermostats on the market. Alongside Wiser, there are other well-known smart systems from Hive, Nest and Tado to name just a few. 

With the current Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic meaning many people are working from home whilst also home-schooling, your heating may be on a lot more than it used to be, leading to higher energy bills. After a small initial investment, a smart heating system can start saving you money straight away and could pay for itself in just three years or less.

But what’s the best system for you? What’s the most cost effective and delivers all the key features to help you manage your heating more intelligently? We compare the entry level features of the most popular brands.

Smart Thermostat basic functionality

Buying Your Wiser Smart Thermostat Kit

A Wiser thermostat multi-zone kit provides all the key features you need to start saving energy and money; the cutting edge system is both affordable and expandable, to control both your heating room-to-room and your electrical devices plug-to-plug with Wiser Plugs, all from the Wiser app. Wiser smart heating is available now from our trusted selling partners.

Enhance your energy savings by installing Wiser's smart heating systems today! Contact us for a quote.