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Getting Fit With Smart Plugs

Smart plugs let you operate various electrical appliances remotely, with the help of a smartphone app. By simply plugging one in before another device, you can revolutionise aspects of your daily routine. One of the more creative uses for smart plugs is improving home workouts, which is what we’ll be discussing today. It’s time to get fit with smart plugs by Wiser!

Making Time

Sadly, smart plugs don’t make the best substitutes for exercise weights. But they’re excellent for freeing up time in your daily schedule!

The ability to control electrical devices is an essential aspect of a smart home. You can schedule appliances to be ready when you need them - simplify your morning by scheduling your coffee machine to start brewing as you wake up, or heating up hair straighteners before use. Add convenience to your evenings with automatic lighting schedules, or limiting time spent with a device, like limiting children’s screen time.

Never feel like you have enough time? Smart plugs make your daily routine easier, whilst shaving extra minutes off repetitive household tasks, freeing up more time to enjoy your workout without the rush.

Ready to work out? Smart plugs can switch on your machines, turn on your workout playlist or TV, and more. Plus, with smart plugs by Wiser, you can control your environment with your voice via Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant.

Eating Healthier

Adding kitchen appliances to your Wiser system using smart plugs makes it easier to plan and create healthy meals. Controlling a slow cooker or a steamer remotely gives you control from anywhere, so you can cook the prepped ingredients to be ready at an exact time wherever you are. Also try adding a smart plug to a blender for automatic smoothies, juices and protein shakes, with just a tap of the app or with voice commands.

Smart Plug IFTTT Integration

IFTTT lets you link your Wiser’s smart plugs to various other apps and devices to build more personalised commands. It’s here where the promise of home fitness with smart plugs gets really creative.

Smart fitness devices like Fitbits can be linked to smart plugs, thanks to IFTTT. This means you can set an appliance such as your TV or games console to only switch on if you’ve met a daily step goal. If you’re tired after a workout and need a rest day, IFTTT can set reminders or connect with your alarm clock via a smart plug to change your wake-up time. The options are pretty limitless when it comes to smart plugs, IFTTT, and home fitness!

You can find out more about IFTTT and Wiser here, or check out IFTTT's Healthy Habits Ideas. For help or advice on our products, feel free to contact us.