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Getting Started with Wiser – Thermostat Manual

This handy quick start guide for homeowners has all the info you need to get your Wiser system set up to save on energy usage and cut your energy bills. With a simple set-up process, you can get your smart home heating system running and ready to use in minutes!

Wiser Pre-Set Heating Schedule & Manual Control

When you receive your Wiser kit, times and temperatures for your heating will follow a pre-set schedule – view this pre-set schedule in our Drayton Wiser Thermostat Manual. This can later be tailored to suit you and your lifestyle using the Wiser Home app.

Too warm or cold? Simply manually override your schedule using the plus and minus buttons on your room thermostat. If you have two heating zones, for example upstairs and downstairs circuits, you‘ll have two room thermostats included as part of your Wiser Kit 3.

Setting Your Own Schedule

To alter the pre-set schedule, download the Wiser Home App on your smartphone and follow the instructions below. If you’ve just moved into a new home and don’t have broadband set up just yet, don’t worry – make sure you have the Wiser Home App downloaded beforehand and follow the instructions below for a temporary in-home connection to the Wiser system.

Step 1 - Open the Wiser Home app and click ‘Get Started’.

Step 2 - Choose ‘HubR’

Step 3 - On your HubR press ‘Set Up’ once.

Step 4 - Click ‘Open Wi-Fi settings’

Step 5 - Navigate to phone Wi-Fi settings

Step 6 - Look for Wiser Wi-Fi connection

Step 7 - Tap to select Wiser Wi-Fi connection

Step 8 - Return to Wiser Home app

Step 9 - Press ‘Continue’

Step 10 – Press ‘Next’

Step 11 - Press ‘Skip’

Step 12 - Press ‘Skip’

Step 13 - Select the room you want to alter the schedule for

Step 14 - Press ‘Edit Schedule’

Step 15 - Amend schedule to your chosen times and temperatures

Finally - Make sure you log out and press ‘Set Up’ on your hub again to stop it flashing.

Learn More with our Drayton Wiser Thermostat Manual

If you already have your Wiser system, read the full Drayton Wiser Manual for more info and images of the set-up process.

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