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Introducing Insights+, Wiser’s Newest Feature To Combat Energy Price Rises

What's new?

The Wiser Home app has a brand-new feature, an intelligent energy dashboard to give you more personalised data than ever, helping you in the battle to save energy and money.

Adding smart home technology to your household can feel complex, but we believe understanding your energy use should be simple, especially in a world where cost of living is increasing. Wiser does the hard work for you with Insights+.


Watch the Insights+ video:



How much are energy costs going up by?

There’s nothing else that’s hit the news harder in recent months, pandemic aside, than the dramatic energy price increases, set to put thousands of households under added financial pressure and have already plunged dozens of small energy providers into administration.

According to Ofgem, prices are set to rise by an eye-watering 54% this April, pushing the average annual bill up by a staggering £693, to around £2000 a year.

There are plenty of Ways We Can Cut Our Heating Energy Use, but how we can tell if our hard work is making a difference now without waiting for the next bill to come around?


What is Insights+?

The Wiser Home app’s all new feature, Insights+, is more advanced version of Insights which every user currently has access to. By integrating energy data from an eligible smart meter, Insights+ can learn even more from your system and energy use to provide:

  • Real-time breakdowns of your energy use
  • Personalised insights
  • Heating use predictions
  • Spend tracking and predictions

Using easy-to-read charts and visuals, Insights+ gives you more power to reduce your energy use, your monthly spend and your carbon footprint, helping you make sustainable choices too.


How much could I save with Insights+?

Research shows that Insights+ alone could help you save 7% on your heating and hot water bill, that’s nearly £40 a year based on the average annual bill*. Combine this with Wiser’s other energy-saving Smart Modes to save big on your future heating bills. Find out more about Saving Energy With Wiser.

Remi Volpe, Managing Director of Drayton, the brand behind Wiser, said of Insights+,

“As the first smart heating app that can be synced to a smart meter, Insights+ is an incredibly important new addition and one that supports our commitment to making it easier for homeowners to take care of their home and the planet. With Insights+, we’re proud to be helping homeowners get more control of their heating and provide them with the tools they need to make conscious decisions about how they heat their home and reduce energy wastage.”


How do I get Insights+?

To get Insights+, simply make a one-off purchase of our in-home display for £19.99 direct from our online shop, which connects Wiser to your eligible smart meter. Follow the steps below to activate Insights+ and start saving:

  1. Check your eligibility in the Settings menu of the Wiser Home app – Insights+ is compatible with certain smart meters
  2. Once you’ve checked you are compatible follow the link in-app to purchase the In-home display.
  3. Install your IHD – Simply plug in and connect to your Wi-Fi
  4. Activate your Insights+ via the Wiser Home app and let Wiser do the rest