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The Leaf: Issue 13 - November 2022 - We're Celebrating STEM With Women in Industry Day

Women in Industry Day aims to raise the profile of women in engineering and focus attention on the career opportunities available to girls in this exciting industry. On the 17th November, the STEM ambassador team welcomed thirty girls from Notre Dame, Tor Bridge High and Mount Kelly secondary schools. The girls visited our factory in Plymouth to discover more about smart home technology and our career development opportunities. The students had the chance to have a factory tour, speak to a range of women working in technical careers and later were challenged to design their own Wiser products.

STEM factory tour

Our factory tour provided the girls with the opportunity to learn about the production process on the making of our products, along with demonstrations of our injection moulding facilities. The girls were also shown the assembly lines and were introduced to the people responsible for the creation and optimisation of our manufacturing processes with the opportunity to ask any questions.

STEM engineering project


After the tour, the girls were tasked with taking part in a practical STEM activity which challenged them to work in groups to design and present a new Wiser thermostat product with new features, branding, messaging, and instructions. It was great to see a variety of ideas and diversity amongst each group, showing the creativity of these future engineers.


Empowered Women at our factory

As an Impact Company, we value the importance of encouraging the next generation of women in technology and provide inclusive hiring, equal opportunities for advancement for women in technology and management, and ensuring our female employees continue to be a key part of our development and decisions. We are proud to be supporting empowering women to progress and succeed in their field.

Here are just a few of the many women that have been contributed to the success of our brand and products;


We acknowledge the importance of encouraging young girls to follow their career aspirations by providing equal opportunities and to carry on supporting women already in the industry to help them pursue their goals.

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