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Seasonal UFH Management: Should You Turn Off Underfloor Heating in The Summer?

Underfloor heating (UFH) systems can take longer to warm up and cool down than other heating systems. This is because they use radiant heat technology to warm a room from the ground up, as opposed to central heating which heats the air in a room.

As it takes longer to warm up or cool down, Underfloor Heating Systems can be switched off during the summer months – when the outside temperature is warm enough, it’s harder to adjust your underfloor heating settings as the weather outside is warming your home. This offers an ideal opportunity to save money on your energy bills during the summer months as you shouldn’t need your underfloor heating switched on throughout the season. 

What About Other Heating Systems In My Home?

While underfloor heating can be switched off during warmer months, we recommend that other heating systems should be left on. It’s quicker and easier to boost temperatures with more traditional heating systems such as boilers and radiators, so you can adjust your home’s temperature to a comfortable level at the touch of a button. But you’d need to wait longer for the temperature change to be felt with underfloor heating.  

You can still make significant energy savings by leaving on other heating systems. With the Wiser system, simply activate Away Mode on your smart thermostats, ensuring minimum temperatures are maintained during any temperature dips while improving your energy efficiency.

Wiser and Underfloor Heating – Seamless integration

By integrating your underfloor heating with Wiser using our Underfloor Heating Controller, you have the power to manage your mixed heating during warmer months, so you can tailor settings to help you save money during the summer, allowing you to turn underfloor heating off completely or set your system to Away Mode with a tap of the app to reduce energy bills.

Automated Smart Controls

The Wiser Underfloor Heating Controller gives you complete control and flexibility when it comes to mixed heating systems within your home, offering heating and cooling functionality, and control of up to six zones of wet underfloor heating. If you decide that switching off your underfloor heating system during the summer is the best option for you, the Wiser UFH controller makes it smart and easy.

Wiser Underfloor Heating Controller

If you already have underfloor heating, the Wiser underfloor heating controller enables you to integrate it into a Wiser system. With simple control via the Wiser Home App, Google Home Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa, with the Wiser UFH Controller, you can easily monitor energy usage via Insights and the Heat Report. To install the Wiser Underfloor Heating Controller, contact one of our certified installers.