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Smart Heating and Home Insurance

As smart home technologies become more integrated into our daily lives, it's essential to understand their impact on everyday living costs, such as insurance.

While one of the most significant benefits of smart heating systems is their increased energy efficiency and control, could they also affect home insurance policies, leading to further savings and increased security for UK homeowners?

What is Smart Heating?

Smart heating systems use devices like smart room thermostats and smart TRVs that connect to your existing boiler system, allowing you to control and monitor your heating remotely.

Switching to smart heating is extremely beneficial for UK homeowners, helping to reduce their carbon footprint and monthly energy bills with ease.

Home Insurance Basics

Home insurance typically covers damage to a home's structure, personal property within the home, and liability for injuries occurring on the property. Insurance premiums are influenced by factors that affect the risk of damage or loss, including the presence of systems (like smart technology) that may reduce these risks.

Impact of Smart Heating on Home Insurance

Not all insurance providers currently offer discounts for homes equipped with smart technology, but this could change as the adoption of smart home systems becomes more widespread. Smart heating systems, especially when integrated with security technologies such as cameras and security lights, could lead to lower home insurance premiums from some providers. This is because such technology not only enhances home security but also helps deter potential intruders.

Even your smart heating system itself could reduce your home insurance quotes one day, as unexpected errors or pressure drops could indicate problems like burst water pipes. This early detection notification delivered to your phone via the app, no matter where you are, could prevent severe water damage, potentially reducing the likelihood of large insurance claims.

How Smart Technology Can Keep Your Home More Secure

When you install a smart heating system like Wiser, it’s easier than ever to make your home more secure.

  • Set personalised lighting schedules: Using smart plugs, like the Wiser Plugs, you can schedule your lights to come on in the evenings where you’re not home. This makes it appear as if someone in, a strong deterrent to would-be intruders.
  • Open window detection: Wiser’s system can detect a drop in temperature within a room, which will not only switch off the heating in that room to prevent energy waste but also alert you that your home is vulnerable.

Choosing the Right Smart Heating System for Insurance Benefits

If you want to upgrade to smart heating, get in touch with your home insurance provider before installation to find out if there are any incentives currently available. While insurance discounts specifically for smart heating may currently be rare, you might be eligible for other insurance policies designed for homes equipped with technologies that can reduce the risk of damage and lower claims.

Integrating smart heating systems with your home can offer more than just energy efficiency; it can also enhance home security and potentially influence your home insurance with some providers.

If you’d like to upgrade your home heating with a smart thermostat, use Wiser’s handy product selector to find the right kit for your home in seconds.