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Smart Heating: Convenience vs Money Saving

Investing in A Smart Heating System

Whether you’re considering installing a smart heating system for the first time, or if you already have a Wiser system in your home, you’ll likely be thinking about how this smart home technology can help you save on your energy bills, and how it can make your life easier too.

A smart multi-room heating system like Wiser is a great long-term investment that will save you time, energy, and money, by only heating the rooms you choose, at the times you decide. So, how could smart home heating benefit you?

Does Smart Heating Save Time?

In a word – yes! With all the pressures of modern life, and our schedules busier than ever, remembering to switch your heating on and off may not be top of your to-do list. If your schedule is packed and you want to make sure you’re making the most of your home heating, with Wiser you can easily automate your heating to suit your lifestyle.

So, you could have the heating on in bedrooms and bathrooms for the first hour of the day, then simply swap it to the home office and lounge for the afternoon, or perhaps when the kids get home from school, all via the Wiser Home App on your phone.

Does Smart Heating Save Money?

The Wiser system gives you complete control over your home heating, which means you can programme it to turn on and off to fit your schedule. The room-to-room control Wiser offers means you can tailor your heating to suit you, only heating the rooms that are currently being used, meaning less energy is used.

With savings of 19% energy by harnessing multi-room control, plus a further 16% by enabling smart features such as Away Mode and Eco Mode, you have the power to save up to a huge 30% on your annual energy bills.

With Wiser, you get the best of both worlds – making significant savings on your energy usage and bills and making managing your home heating more convenient through automation.

Finding the right heating system for your home

Try the Wiser Product Selector to find out which kit is right for your home and start saving time, energy and money today.