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Wireless Thermostats - Ideal Room Programmes

If you either own, or are considering purchasing, a wireless thermostat you may already know that it is an easier and more energy efficient way of controlling the temperature within your home. Alternatively, you might have just had a Wiser Thermostat installed but not really be familiar with this, but regardless they can be programmed to do so much more with the heating and cooling in your rooms than you might have realised. Therefore, we wanted to discuss some of the ways you can use your wireless thermostat to make your home as comfortable as possible!


Connecting: Getting Started

Whilst our wireless thermostats are fitted to have simple, accessible interfaces in order to programme your rooms with ease, we believe their real value is in their ability to link with, well, pretty much whatever you want. After connecting your Heat HubR with your Wi-Fi, you can download the Wiser App and do whatever you want to the temperature of your home right from your smartphone! If that hasn’t completely amazed you then the ability to subsequently link your Smart Thermostat to Amazon’s Alexa and the Google Assistant just might, and with IFTTT integration other apps can also be connected.

All of this results in a thermostat system that is so effortless to control, either through your phone or literally by talking to it, that programming what temperature you want in what rooms becomes one of the least stressful things in your home.


Scheduling (And Flexibility)

Once you’ve linked your thermostat to the devices you want, you possess the ability to change the temperature of any room, at any time, and anywhere (that has an internet connection) you’d like. Thus, making a bedroom cooler at night as you relax in your warmer living room, or setting the whole house to be colder whilst you’re at work can now be done remotely and set to a schedule, so you never have to worry about it.

That sort of reassurance is a significant benefit of our wireless system, but sometimes change is required. Say you’re sick and want the bedroom warmer, or someone’s staying in that guestroom you usually leave freezing cold, using your devices these settings can be changed briefly (or permanently) as easily as they were created. That sort of flexibility is at the heart of programming your wireless thermostat in each room to be at your ideal levels with almost no effort, even when you change your mind.


Reviewing: The Heat Report

Picture this: you’ve set up your Smart Thermostat to heat each room within your house at the exact times with the exact temperatures you desire, and now you want to do even more. With the Heat Report, the service that launched on the Wiser App in early 2019, you can now get smarter with your room’s programmes in both the short and long-term. It can track and compare the energy usage of up to 16 rooms simultaneously over the course of a single day, or over weeks or months instead, allowing you to see when and where your heating’s being used. From there, this information that’s available to you at any time can be your go-to tool for changing the programmes on your wireless thermostats to better warm-up or cool down at the times that suit you. Wasting energy by heating up your living room an hour earlier than it needs to be? The Heat Report is designed to inform you on things of this nature that you may not have noticed otherwise, allowing your wireless thermostats to be more efficient and subsequently save you money on your energy bills!


Improving: Get Wiser

We believe you can get so much more out of a wireless thermostat than simply making sure your home survives winter and doesn’t melt in the summer. That’s why we’re always improving the ways you can programme each room, then how you manage and transform that in the long-term. Whilst you’re doing your thing at home we’re doing our thing at Wiser – Figuring out more and more ways to make your Smart Thermostats the best, most energy efficient, most effortless devices in every room!


Make the most of your heating system today by contacting Wiser to find out more about our wireless thermostats and other smart heating products. Check out our product selector to discover what product is best for you.