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Wiser Customer Stories: How Tim and Caroline Upgraded Their New Home and Lifestyle With Wiser

After moving from the Midlands to Devon to be closer to family, Tim, Caroline and Reg the Border Collie found their little slice of heaven, within an idyllic village community in Dartmoor National Park, Devon.


The new location - a ready-made paradise

In a dream setting including fruit trees and a stream running through the garden, a close and thriving community, and the obligatory friendly pub, the couple are enjoying the many benefits of a more rural location away from town life, to enjoy time with their young grandchildren, the great outdoors and getting involved in the active local community.


The new home - some assembly required

However, their new purchase, a 90s-built detached home cried out for a little TLC and was heated by an under-sized and inefficient boiler, prompting them to replace the entire heating system to improve comfort and efficiency, whilst other work was being carried out to replace carpets and doors.

Watch the video and find out how the couple are benefiting from a smart upgrade to Wiser:

Wiser Homes Tim And Caroline Escape To The Country, Upgrading Their New Home And Their Lifestyle

A smart upgrade for a better lifestyle

Challenges of an inadequate heating system:

Tim and Caroline faced several problems with the property’s existing heating system, which hadn’t been upgraded since the home was built:

  • Under-sized boilers and radiators must work harder to deliver comfort, consuming more energy than optimised systems.
  • Higher energy use means higher utility bills.
  • Higher utility bills can cause stress for homeowners around when the heating’s on and demands time-consuming adjustments to settings.
  • Basic controls meant no ability to control the heating outside the home and a lack of energy-saving features.

The original boiler was dated, under-sized and inefficient for the size of the home, with only a basic level of heating control via a room thermostat.


Having moved in search of a better lifestyle, Tim and Caroline felt the improvements being made to their home would also support a more relaxed way of life. Having seen the benefits of Wiser in their friends’ homes, they decided to embrace smarter control of their heating.


From an inept, energy-hungry heating system…

  • Old, under-sized and inefficient conventional boiler with a hot water cylinder upstairs
  • Under-sized radiators
  • Outdated heating controls with no smart heating app compatibility

The suboptimal heating system meant the boiler was working harder than optimised boilers to sufficiently heat the building, causing excessive energy use and higher bills.


…to an optimised system with smart control by Wiser








Wiser takes care of an easier life

Wiser makes it easier to manage your energy use, so you can take care of what matters most. Tim and Caroline now enjoy a warm and comfortable home knowing the upgraded heating system and smart heating controls by Wiser work together to maximise efficiency for the long-term.


What’s more, as they head out for a day visiting beaches and their favourite walking trails, they can enable Away Mode in just a tap via the simple-to-use Wiser Home app to turn the heating down to a minimum setpoint of their choice. And on the drive home, disabling Away Mode to return to normal schedules, for a warm and welcoming return (especially on the wet and windy days!).

Research shows that using Wiser’s Away Mode alone could save up to 14% energy per year.


Looking to reduce energy costs and enjoy better heating control? Wiser could be the smart heating solution for you. Find your ideal kit today using our Online Product Selector.


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