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Kicking Off the Local Rugby Season: Wiser Continues Partnership With The Exeter Chiefs!

We’re pleased to announce Wiser’s continued partnership with the Exeter Chiefs rugby team, making this our third year backing their efforts to develop young, local players and the team staff that support them now and for the future.

Congratulations to the Exeter Chiefs for their impressive 65-10 win against local rivals the Saracens on Saturday 14th October, starting their season with a bang!

Wiser and Exeter Chiefs share an ambition for strong performance, inspiring local talent, and nurturing future generations, as well as a focus on detailed analysis to drive continuous improvement – a match made in heaven!

Keep an eye on our channels for our collaborations with Exeter Chiefs Director of Rugby, Rob Baxter and talented young Back-Row player, Ethan Roots, a recent addition to the Chiefs and one of the try scorers during their match with the Saracens.


Supporting Devon Rugby and Technology Talent

As a locally founded business with more than 70 years of heritage in Plymouth, Devon, we see it as our duty to inspire and encourage future generations from our local area.






Our thriving apprentice and work experience programs provide opportunities and support the career development of young talent in STEAM careers, much like the Exeter Chiefs’ extensive Rugby Academy programs which develops its people, players, leaders, and club culture.


Outperforming the Competition

At Wiser, we’re clear in our mission. High performance, simple design, in a user-friendly interface. Our award-winning products have bested the competition in providing convenient, smart heating control to households who see proven energy savings with Wiser. We’re not afraid to get out there with Wiser’s innovative products and services, a sentiment echoed by Exeter Chiefs’ Rob Baxter:

“You’ve got 80 minutes of premiership rugby here, the most important thing that happens over these 80 minutes is that you become a better player and we become a better team. That isn’t going to happen if we stand and watch the opposition play.” – Rob Baxter, Exeter Chiefs Director of Rugby


Insights: For Post-match Performance


Wiser Insights+

If you’ve ever watched Exeter Chiefs’ post-match interviews, you’ll know it’s not just about game performance on the day, it’s breaking it down and studying elements of the game and its players to make the next match even better, in the spirit of learning every day and continuous improvement.

We developed Wiser Insights and the Heat Report in the Wiser Home app to do just that, with detailed feedback and visuals to show you where and how energy is being used and how your devices work as a team to optimise your home heating efficiency.

Insights help you to streamline your devices’ schedules to perform at maximum efficiency and track your energy- saving winnings day -by -day. Find out more about the Wiser Home app.


Meet the Wiser Team


The easy-to-install HubR can be fitted in minutes on a UK standard wallplate

Room thermostat

Our wireless smart room thermostat communicates with the HubR to provide easy temperature control in a given zone, with a touch interface to boost or reduce setpoints.

Radiator thermostats

Add a team of radiator thermostats to your Wiser system for convenient multi-room control; set schedules for every zone to suit your lifestyle so you’ll never waste energy heating an empty room.

Wiser Home app

The app gives you full heating control from your phone, at home or away via the cloud. Set schedules, access the Smart Modes, check temperatures, and control electricals, all from one simple app.

Smart plugs

Wiser Plugs both boost the signal range and provide app control of electrical devices.

Smart Modes

Intuitive Smart Modes like Away Mode and Eco Mode are proven to save energy and money.

Insights and Heat Report

Get feedback on system performance and energy savings in both kWh and £££.


Find out more about How Wiser Works.