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Wiser Radiator Valve Adapter Guide

Smart radiator thermostats can help you to save on your home’s energy usage by giving you complete, room-by-room control over your home heating. 

The Wiser smart radiator thermostat is a fantastic way to upgrade your existing system; all you need is a TRV adapter (supplied) and 2x AA batteries (supplied). For quick and easy installation your radiator will need an existing TRV body.  

Why Use A Smart Radiator Thermostat 

Containing multiple sensors, the Wiser smart radiator thermostat can keep your room heated to a​​ ​​​specific​​​​ ​temperature that you set by either twisting the top of the TRV or using the app. ​For even more accurate room-to-room heating add a Wiser Smart Room thermostat to your system. ​​     ​ 

Upgrading to smart home heating doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. By simply using a TRV adapter, and purchasing a Wiser HubR, you can install Wiser smart radiator thermostats onto your existing system to fine-tune your home’s heating and save on energy bills. 

Wiser TRV Compatibility 

By mounting directly onto standard radiator valve bodies, your smart radiator thermostats directly connect to the Wiser HubR enabling control of your boiler, enabling you to control the on/off times and temperatures of individual rooms via the app.  

Our smart home thermostats come with two TRV adapters that cover approximately 95% of TRVs in the UK — the Wiser TRV compatibility is unmatched. 

Mounting the Wiser Radiator Thermostat 

Switching to a Wiser smart​ radiator​ thermostat is as simple as unscrewing the existing TRV head and replacing it with the Wiser head, although some valves may need a tool to tighten them sufficiently. 

The most common thermostatic valves (including Drayton, Honeywell, Pegler, Myson and Siemens) have an M30 x 1.5mm connection. In this case, the M30 TRV adapter and a chrome ring nut should be used to install your Wiser thermostat. 

The TRV adapter is attached to the valve, and the M30 adapter and chrome ring nut (provided in the box) are used to screw the Wiser radiator thermostat in place. 

Your radiator may use a Danfoss RA valve — the Danfoss TRV adapter included in the box should be used in these cases. 

TRV Adapter For Alternative Valve Body Types 

If your radiators use a different valve, you’ll need an alternative TRV adapter which you can find from places like Conrad Electronic.  

Where to get your Wiser Radiator Thermostat & TRV Adapter 

Order your Wiser smart thermostats directly from our online shop or in-store from select retailers.