Easier installation

Wiser makes installing smart products simple and straightforward. The standard wallplate means you dont need to be wiser to get Wiser - there's no wiring, no fuss. 

Installing Wiser couldn't be simpler.


Install the Heat Hub 

The Heat Hub can be installed on a standard wallplate in minutes. It really is as simple as unscrewing your old controller and screwing in your new Heat Hub. Check the instructions for full guidelines. 


Get the app

Download the app for your smart phone by searching "Wiser Heat" in the app store. This will give you 24/7 access to your heating from anywhere in the world. 


Add your devices 

The app will guide you through adding your devices step-by-step. Having the option to add devices means you can build your perfect personalised system. 

You are ready to get Wiser

  • House WiFi
    Connect your app to your wi-fi network
  • Upload to the cloud
    Create your user account
  • On Off
    And you're done!

Do you have a standard wallplate?

Around 80% of homes will have a standard wallplate which makes installation really simple. A standard wallplate looks like this…

Remember to follow safety instructions and consult a professional installer if you have any questions.

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