Activate geofencing via IFTTT

The clever features of your Wiser system can be enhanced further via IFTTT integration, linking your Wiser system with other apps to let you set up ‘triggers’ and ‘actions’, helping you create bespoke commands. Find out How to Get Started Here.

Smart Thermostat Control With IFTTT

Link the Wiser app to other apps to set unique commands, automating your smart heating and smart plugs to suit your lifestyle. Try automating Away Mode using geofencing to save energy when everyone's out.

Already have Wiser? Get even smarter thermostat control now, just go the Wiser Channel in the IFTTT store and download the latest Applets.

Save 24% More Energy With Automatic Away Mode Activation

If you're looking for devices that work with IFTTT, consider integrating it with a Wiser thermostat system and apps like Life360. IFTTT works by connecting apps together as part of 'triggers' and 'commands', helping you create 'recipes' to automate your smart home.

IFTTT can automate your heating using geofencing, turning it off when all members of a household leave, whether it's for a day or for a fortnight. You'll never need to think about turning the heating on or off again while you're home's empty, just sit back and enjoy saving more energy and money with Wiser.

IFTTT stands for IF This Then That

Even if it's new to you, in minutes you can create personalised commands based on 'triggers' and 'actions'.

Link Wiser to your IFTTT account and download applets to turn Away Mode ON when you leave the house, and OFF again when you return.

Wiser then automatically reduces all setpoints to the Away Mode levels you've set, saving energy and money with no need to interact with the app.

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IFTTT, which stands for If This Then That, is an Internet of Things (IoT) platform which Wiser can integrate with to provide enhanced functionality. IFTTT lets you link smart products together to create new actions.

For example, connect Wiser to your free IFTTT account and download the Wiser 'Applets'. Applets connect two or more services together and help you do something that you couldn't do with just one service alone.

The Applets currently available for WIser will turn on Away Mode automatically via geofencing when you leave the house, and OFF again when you return home, saving energy and money.

These triggers and subsequent actions are called ‘recipes’, and can be set-up between Wiser and any other smart device with IFTTT integration. Download ready-made Applets with specific functions on the Wiser IFTTT page to get you started.

Connecting couldn’t be easier.

  1. Set-up a free account with IFTTT.
  2. Link your Wiser account with IFTTT.
  3. Then simply visit the Wiser Heat channel and you’re ready to start using the ready-made Applets or create your own recipes.

IFTTT integration is currently focussed around Away Mode as an end action. This can be activated by a variety of triggers such as geofencing. Explore the full range of Applets.

We will continue to add more actions over the coming months, check back for updates.

Unfortunately, the Life360 team decided to no longer support the service from December 2nd 2020. Please visit the Wiser channel on IFTTT to download our other Applets to continue using geofencing to automate Away Mode.

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Amazon Alexa

Wiser is also compatible with Amazon Echo smart speakers. Connect in minutes to control both your heating and smart plugs with voice commands to Amazon Alexa.

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Google Assistant

Wiser is also compatible with Google Home smart speakers. Connect in minutes to control both your heating and smart plugs with voice commands to the Google Assistant.

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